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December 31, 2009

What this blog is about

This blog is called “Whose Time is it?”
This link will take you to the first entry, because it is important to read it in order. First, a short introduction: What follows will be a series of “events” that have been happening in our house (mostly in our bedroom) since the end of December 2009. The wall that acts as a divider between our house and a creek was being torn down and replaced. The reason that I mention that is that we think that the renovation is what, at least initially, sparked the “activity”. And so here begins the narrative of a series of “events” that occurred while this project was going on… and continues to this day, over a year after the project was finished. In order to do this, I am actually “going back in time”, and dating things the days that they occurred back then at the beginning, even though presently, it is now February 2011, nearly a year later. I will have it up to date soon, and it will then become clear why it is called: * * * * W h o s e  T i m e  i s  i t ? * * * * Is it really OUR time? Use the link at the top to go to the first entry. After that, each post has a link to the next one at the top of it.