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January 31, 2010

Later on January 31, 2010

Dan then had an idea about setting up the camera, and wrote to someone that he knows that does that kind of thing:

Dan to Matt: “Let me introduce you to Lois – we’ve known her and her husband for many years and they are great people.”

Dan to Me: “Lois, meet Matt – he and his wife Connie are longtime friends of ours and they live in town. If you are interested in Matt’s offer you can email him and take it from there! Keep us posted on everything!”

Dan to Matt & Connie:
Hi guys,
Here’s something strange but interesting. Connie, I think you are aware of the construction near us at the bridge, where a new retaining wall is being constructed at our friends’ house and a lot of property is being torn up. Our friends told us today that since the construction began in late December, they have experienced a lot of ‘paranormal’ activity that has them very rattled and they are not ‘paranormal-type’ people. Most of this happens in their bedroom and relates to objects being moved around, from channel changers to an entire dresser moving across the room, as well as things like channels changing on the TV or the ceiling fan going on and off. They have taken ‘before and after’ photos of a number of objects that have moved during the day or night, but they have nothing on video. I told them they should put in a video camera in the room to capture events when they are gone (or asleep) and they are interested in the idea. Elaine and I told them that we know someone (that’s you, Matt) who installs surveillance cameras and we told them we would ask you how much a simple camera/video setup might run so they can capture what happens when they are gone or are asleep.
I know this sounds pretty damn strange but we are good friends with them and want to help in any way – this appears to be disrupting their lives in a significant way. If you drive by the house at night you’ll see every possible light, inside or out, is on.
Matt, are you interested in talking to them to set up a simple, effective solution to capture what’s happening? Thanks.

January 31, 2010

Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010

On January 31, 2010, I sent the following email to some friends (that are also neighbors) around the corner from us. Besides 2 people at my work, and Bob & I, they would be the 5th  & 6th of the people that we were letting know about this. We were in the midst of working out details of getting together for the upcoming Superbowl, which is one of our traditions, and I thought we’d get them “up-to-speed”, so to speak with the events that had been going on here, before the game that day. Up to this point, they knew nothing of it at all. So here is the email I sent to them:

Me, written Jan. 31: “I know I have hinted at our “paranormal activity” since the work on the wall started… or I think I did. I’ve been writing it up since things started happening with such regularity and I’ve taken some pictures of things, and I thought you might find it an interesting read, so I’ve attached a copy in a .pdf file. I don’t know if by next Sunday we will have more to add — but if we do, I’ll print it out and bring it with me. Pretty weird — let me know what you think. Nothing happened today, so I’m pretty low key about it at this moment, but if you got me on one of the “event” days, I’d be saying, “PRETTY F-ING WEIRD!”. You’ll soon see why…”

And an addendum later from me:  “Oh, just a head’s up about what you’re going to read in that attached file… I should have mentioned that we ARE NOT!! telling our daughter about all the going’s on. She knows only about the first 2 TV remote incidents, and she was so freaked out by that, we stopped telling her stuff. She’s been hinting at moving out, and we think this would send her over the edge. Thanks!”

And then back from “Dan”*, dated January 31, 2010:

“This is all pretty f*cking amazing. We won’t mention anything to Kate and please tell Bob that we don’t want our girls to be aware of the situation either per Elaine’s request. Once one of them goes over the edge thinking something is up in this house we’ll never hear the end of it. From an independent viewpoint, two things come immediately to mind:

Are you absolutely sure it’s not one of the work crew moving things around?

The technology is simple and cheap now for you to set up a video of your room. I would think you should do that asap to catch this activity live and put the camera in a place that is not readily visible.

Hang in there with all this stuff. I think Elaine or I would have a tough time dealing with something like that. I do very much believe that something like this is possible in a ‘paranormal’ sense. That’s why a top priority should be to get it on video.
When is the work on the wall actually ending? Thanks for the update and let’s keep in contact!

Me, back to Dan: I’ve definitely thought about a video camera. We have ruled out the crew — the reason is a lot of the events happen when they are not here. In fact, I think at least 4 of them have happened when Bob is laying there sleeping! I do believe it is not a “person”, but I have no idea how to define “what” it is. I have talked to Bob  previously about setting up a camera. You don’t know any details about how to do that, do you? And I will for sure let him know about not talking about it in front of your kids. I can relate to that!

January 30, 2010

Event #24: Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Bob got up this morning, he noticed that his clock radio was blinking and that it had lost power sometime overnight. It was the only thing in the room that this applied to. Then when I came down to write up that incident on the computer, my computer had been rebooted. Like it had momentarily lost power as well. Bob said he woke up at 2:35 and his clock was not blinking, but at 3 something, it was blinking the way it does when the power goes off momentarily. When I brought the computer back up by logging on, I did not get one of those reboot messages that usually say “your computer has recently been updated”. (I basically leave it on all the time), which means that my computer simply spontaneously rebooted, and his clock-radio spontaneously shut itself off.

January 29, 2010

Event #23: Friday, January 29, 2010

Bob told me a weird story tonight. He’d hinted at it last night when he called me at work. He had said that he knows that it is going to end when the wall work is done, and he emphatically referred to our “entity” as a “she”. He would not say more, only that it was overwhelmingly female, and it would stop. I anxiously awaited his theory tonight over our beers at our Friday-after-work place. And this does qualify as the 23rd “event”, as it was something that happened to him, apparently the same night that the wicker cabinet moved. Before, or after?? We don’t know, since we don’t really know what time the cabinet moved. He said he was asleep in bed, it was about 11 or so, and had been asleep for a couple hours at the most, when “something” woke him up. He said that in his sleepy stupor, he thought I was climbing into the bed with him, as I would usually do, not necessarily at that hour though. Blankets moved and there were the sounds of someone getting in the bed, but they were getting in on TOP of the blankets, which he thought was odd, and not under the blankets like I would do. Then, immediately after this, he felt the weight of an arm laying over his torso, and the weight of a leg coming over his legs. Startled by this, he turned – and not only was I not there, but no one was there. Like the morning at 4 AM when he was so convinced I was approaching the bathroom that he opened the door for me – this time he was completely convinced that someone was in the bed, and yet it wasn’t me. I have yet to have one of these experiences with our “entity”, but I can pretty much guarantee that it would freak me the F out. So of course my question was, “What did you do?”
And his answer? “When I saw it wasn’t you and no one was there, I rolled back over and went back to sleep. For some reason, I didn’t feel fear from this experience, but I did pick up an overwhelmingly female presence, and also that her unrest was related to the wall. That was all. I don’t know, it should have been, but it was not really a fear-inducing experience. ‘She’ seemed very ‘vulnerable’ to me, for lack of a better word.”
This kind of gave me a sense of some relief in that maybe things would only progress to the point when the wall was finally finished. Which at this point, it was not, and I’ve included a picture in this post of the stage it was in on January 29. This picture was taken that day. Work had started toward the end of November, so this was roughly two months into it, and they really only have a small bit to finish, in that the unfinished section is only waiting for the poured cement. Actually, because there are tarps on it, the cement was probably poured already.

January 28, 2010

Event #22: Thurs., January 28, 2010

Today, when I woke up, I noticed that the ceiling fan was no longer rotating. I emailed Bob to ask him if he’d turned if off, as it’s been turning on the lowest setting since the end of the summer. Just rotating slowly to keep an air current moving in the bedroom. And I look at it every night, when I pull up the covers and peer nervously out into the room to see if anything has changed (or is in the process of changing…). It’s the only thing that is moving (that I’m aware of) and I know it was on the night before. And now? Stopped. I pulled the chain, and I realized that the next setting up from slow is faster – so the chain would literally have to have been pulled 3 times to shut it off and Bob said that he did not do it.

January 27, 2010

Event #21: Wed., Jan. 27, 2010

This is where the cabinet WAS -- right behind the word "JOE"

I’m still a little freaked out by this one, as I literally JUST came down here to the computer from discovering it. I’m sitting here having a glass of wine, trying to get over the chills it just sent up and down my spine. I wish I could tell our daughter about it; she’s in the other room and it’s all I can do to keep this one quiet. I wish I had my two friends’ at work email address; the ones who I’ve been keeping up-to-date about this. I even woke Bob up to make sure he didn’t do it.

And now where it is -- clear across the room

The tall wicker cabinet that I’ve mentioned before, where I keep not-often-worn jewelry, scarves and what-not has been MOVED. And I don’t mean just inched to one side or something – it is CLEAR across the room. And the stuff that was on top, that seemed like it would surely topple if I tried to move it – didn’t budge.
Everything is in its place: a small football and some dried flowers that were more or less perched there. Not to mention all the little nail polish bottles on the top shelf inside, that you would think would surely topple over.

Stuff on and in wicker cabinet - did not budge when cabinet moved clear across the room

If Bob and I had moved this cabinet, you can be SURE they would have. I will have a picture in the morning. Above is the picture taken outside our bathroom, right where the cabinet WAS.
(AND! for the first time – there is JOE, the hapless cat in the picture!) The tall wicker cabinet stood right outside the bathroom door – I don’t have a picture of where it WAS, as I never thought I’d need a picture of that. However, it was right next to that longish hanging, in that corner by the door. And now? It is on the OTHER side of the room (see picture to the right) standing neatly right next to the window, a good 15 feet away, as if “someone” made a conscious thought, “I think I’d like the cabinet better over here.” Well, it doesn’t look TOO bad… it’s just that WE didn’t PUT IT THERE! Good grief. Later, when I calmed down and looked closer at it, I noticed how perfectly it was placed there. Square to the wall and the chest, right along the edge of the window, hiding the cable cord behind it. I could not have done it better myself. Next to it there is the purple blanket in front of the window that keeps turning up all of the “prints”. I will have to add my theory tomorrow about why I think this “happened”. I think I was partly responsible, because of something that I “did”. Our entity did not like it, either that, or was just “messing with me”. I think the latter. I’ll explain in the next post.

January 23, 2010

Event #19-20: Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bob was in the bathroom and had the TV on NFL Network, Channel 29 on our TV. From in the bathroom, he heard the channel change from where he’d set it, and came out and found it on Channel 27. Later, when I went up, Joe came slinking out from underneath the bed, anxiously hopped on top of it and surveyed the room nervously, like he was hiding from something he’d just seen. (Bob had left the room quite a bit earlier). Obviously, there is nothing conclusive about the cat behavior, but the channels changing while you’re watching is something new.
When I downloaded the pictures I had taken, Bob looked at the “handprints” on the blanket that I had talked about at the end of the Wednesday post. He looked carefully, and declared that they were NOT his handprints. He also pointed out to me that the “fingers” go in really awkward directions. So I’ve added one of those pictures here, to the left. Another thing he mentioned was that he purposely has NOT been touching the blanket so as not to confuse his prints with “other” prints; that was after the day I found a fist print on it, and he told me he’d been leaning there looking out the window at the work going on.

Later on Saturday, we’d gone out to dinner nearby, and got home a bit after 9. I went upstairs to change into something comfortable, and Joe was laying curled up on the bed. Nothing was amiss; I looked around at all my (now) usual spots: top of closet, bureau, bed-side-tables for remotes. Nothing was out of sorts. Later, Bob went up to bed ahead of me and I followed after starting another load of wash. I asked Bob if he’d noticed anything, and he said, “Nothing but Joe walking the perimeter of the room and muttering to himself”. Oh, yeah? What was he saying? And with that, Bob did this perfectly ridiculous (and hysterical) imitation of Joe walking around the room all out of sorts muttering away like this:
“This-is-fucking-ridiculous-I’ve-had-enough-of-this-stop-fucking-with-me-I-can’t-take-any-more-of-this-what-are-you-trying-to-do-to-me-on-and-on-and-on” like that, slinking around and muttering along the room’s perimeter. He said it was like something had JUST happened. So I looked around. And sure enough – it was the Ducks again. See picture – the 2 that have already been moved twice are now further down, right to the edge of the closet top. If they move any further, they will be on the floor. And the big duck, the one in front – he was moved further away from the Mama duck, formerly leading her charge. There are “drag” marks in the dust and I photographed them too. The picture below shows all the disturbance in the heavy dust above the closets. I had no idea it was like that up there, I don’t often look. Guess I will in the future, that’s pretty disgusting. I’ve circled in yellow the ducks that were moved off to the left at the end of the closet. Joe calmed down finally after we got in bed, but he was NOT happy. Bob thinks if he’d come up a couple minutes earlier, he might have witnessed it. I asked him to leave the ducks like this, so I could see if there is any more progression.

January 20, 2010

Event #18: Wed., January 20, 2010

I wrote this email below to Bob, after I discovered his remote on my table when I came home Tuesday evening. First, I’d asked him where he’d put his remote when he went to bed, and he said the usual spot, which is on his OWN bedside table.

And my email:
“Ok, well that’s another incident then that happened while you were sleeping — when I came up at about 11:30 or so, both remotes were on MY table, and mine had been turned around to face the wall, the same way yours was. (That’s not how I leave it) Also — and this is almost weirder — I had to get up later to FIND my remote when I wanted to switch off the TV — it was no longer on top of the comforter where I’d laid it, it was IN the bed with me, under the cover. I didn’t do that. I did talk to Jim about the pump, he said they meant to leave it on.”
The comment there about the pump is because I was wrapping it up in the bathroom and heard this odd noise coming from what was seemingly right outside the window. It totally freaked me out – I was too scared to lift up the blind and take a look, even with the light off in the bathroom. After I just stood there listening for awhile and couldn’t figure out what was making the noise, I woke up Bob. He had heard it too, and told me the crew had set up a pump in the creek in the last area where they’ll be working; he just wasn’t sure if they’d meant to leave it running, so we left it alone. To the left is the picture of where I found both remotes, and Bob had placed his on his own table when he went to bed. You like my silly mouse (against the wall)?

There was nothing amiss Wed. night when I came home. Just an odd print on the blanket, but I decided later it was probably Bob’s hand prints from looking outside. But last night, when I talked to Bob from work, he said Joe the cat was really freaky when he came up to go to bed. I told him that is usually (now) a good indicator that we’ve had some “activity”. So when I got home Thursday night (Jan. 21), I took a careful look around. I couldn’t see anything really obvious, except an unusual print in a yellow blanket that sits atop a tiny child’s stool. I know Joe can’t sit on the stool, but something has made a depression in that blanket. I will photograph it later, along with the VERY subtle thing I discovered after that. It’s my little sitting angel – she sits between the cow and the chicken, and now she is turned around too, facing the same direction they are. The only thing in that little row that has not been turned is the sheep. We shall see. Did I mention that I removed the ceramic pitchers that sat on the shelf above our bed? I just didn’t want them tipped over falling on us while we sleep. I forgot to take a picture of the angel, and Friday evening, Bob turned all the figurines back the right way.

January 18, 2010

Event #17: Monday, January 18, 2010

There were a couple of things that happened, and I’m just not sure I left the thing where it was, or it was moved. I’ve started to be much more conscious of where things are in the room, and how they are placed. But some things have made me doubt myself, and I’m willing to give these items the benefit of the doubt. For instance, a pair of pajama pants, that I didn’t wear to bed, and hadn’t actually been worn in awhile, showed up on the bed this morning, NEXT to the sweatshirt that I HAD worn to bed. Just laying there, like I’d tossed both of them at the same time. I went to go make the bed, and picked up my sweatshirt to hang it up, and now there are TWO things to pick up. And I hadn’t had those pajama pants out. And twice now, I have found my face cleaning lotion that is in a corner of the sink toppled over. It can’t fall by itself, it’s too wide at the base, and too heavy. It just can’t. The first time, I asked Bob if he left it that way, he just gave me a blank look like, “Why are you asking me that”? The 2nd time was last night when I went up to bed. I found it laying down on the side of the sink. It’s not in Bob’s way, he wouldn’t have to move it and never has before.
Later in the evening: When I talked to Bob tonight about the PJ’s, he said he didn’t put them there. I’m thinking more and more about this incident, which at first seemed fairly benign to me. I must have been in the room when it happened, which means the stuff is just kind of “appearing” where it is. There will be another incident like that later.

January 15, 2010

Event #15-16: Friday, Jan. 15, 2010

Tonight, I arrived home from work before Bob, but I didn’t check upstairs until after Bob was home. Even though we are on event no. 14 by now, I still feel chills creeping up the back of my neck when I see something new has happened. As soon as I walked up the stairs, I could tell by the behavior of Joe the cat that something had happened. It’s now pretty obvious. He’s nervous, and pacing, and just not himself. Meows a bit more too, in a plaintive, pleading way, as if he wants his food bowl filled, but it is. I found 2 things, both pretty subtle, and the 2nd one, I almost didn’t even notice. I have certain things I now “check”, and the ducks are one of them. And here they were, see picture; the last 2 moved yet further away. I left them like that, as I’d left them the way they’d been moved the previous time. And then looking around, I found something else. It was my little farm animal figurines on my dresser. Two of the four things were turned around, alternating ones; see picture below.The cow and the chicken were turned toward the rear. Now in case the reader has been thinking all along that someone was home during all of these events, even though it was often different people, this time NO ONE was home. Not one of us, all day. And then below that is a picture of the bureau from the night I took the one of the remotes that were put on it, and I’ve put the green circle around the 2 things (the cow and the sheep) that at that time were facing forward. (The little sitting angel in the picture above was added by me later – I thought she would help, so much for that). But you can see the cow facing forward, and the chicken looks like it was just swung around reversed. A PATTERN! Ducks, cow, chicken: turned to face the other way – what’s that about?? I may be on to something here. I also photographed the dust marks on the closet top where the ducks were moved from to record just “how” they were moved. This is kind of interesting; there is a lot “disturbed” in the dust, like they were dragged around, not just picked up and moved. (Yes, sorry, it’s embarrassingly dusty up there, what can I say… ). So there amongst the dust and the cobwebs on top of the closet, I’ve circled in green in this photo the marks that were made as the ducks “dragged” through and around in the dust. I don’t know what this tells me, but it says something. It’s almost like the ducks and the farm animals are busy having their own little “party” when we’re gone. Oh, and I forgot to mention one other thing. My radio was on again.