Event #1: January 1, 2010: What happened first

Remote on shelf above bed

Sometime between Christmas and New Year’s, as best as we can estimate the date, Bob’s* TV remote control from our bedroom was missing  (*Names have been changed to protect our privacy). We each keep our own remote on each of our bedside tables. Bob kept asking me where his was; I simply didn’t know, however I did know that I had not moved it. That, I would have known. Bob looked all over the room, under the bed, in his closet where it might have rolled if it had fallen off the bedside table. I helped Bob look too. No remote. Finally, after what was going on a week of looking around for it, and asking everyone in the house, on a whim Bob stood at the end of the bed and looked up. Above the bed there is a shelf which you have to stand on the bed to reach. This shelf is pictured to the right, showing how it sits on the top of the window above the bed.The remote was up on this shelf, notice orange arrow pointing at remote. “Placed” there with the dead bees, but that is another story. I’ve also included a closeup shot to make it clear that it’s really the remote.

Close-up; Remote on high shelf

We did not know what to make of this, and when Bob told me about finding it there, we kind of looked at each other in puzzlement. But we had no choice but to regard it as one of those strange, random events that has no explanation. We couldn’t come up with an explanation that was adequate at any rate, and we thought it would end with that… until in a few days, another remote was missing…


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