Event #2: January 7, 2010

2 TV-Remotes on back of bureau

Thursday night, January 7th. I stopped at my Dad’s on the way home from work, and spoke to my sister on the phone to wish her a happy birthday. I then got home late – after midnight – and went right up to go to bed. After washing up, I laid down in bed and reached for my TV remote. It was not there. I thought it had fallen off the bedside table so I got up and looked around the floor, under the bed and in the closet. No remote. I decided for now, since Bob was asleep that I would use his, so I went to his bedside table to get his remote, but his was not there either. Now this was getting annoying. I looked around for both remotes with my portable book-light and could not find anything. So I took a chance and looked on the shelf above the bed again – however, there was nothing. I then looked around the room on other surfaces, such as the bureau top, our TV stand… and I then found both of them. They were on MY bureau, but hidden against the back of it by the wall and one was stacked on top of the other. It was really like they were being “hidden” back there. My picture to the left is showing the back right corner of the bureau, and the 2 remotes stacked up all the way back toward the wall. I suspected that Bob was “messing with me” because of what had happened to his remote. So I went downstairs and wrote him an email about it that he would find in the morning to make sure that he was not. Also, I brought up my camera to take a picture of where they were. In the morning, I had received this email reply from Bob:

“F#@k. I was using mine when I went to bed. Is our daughter playing a game with us? Something woke me last night around 10 something. I heard very light steps on the floor, thought it was Joe (our cat) but then just as I thought that, I felt joe bolt off the bed. My response was to look and make sure my alarm was still set, which I do all the time to be sure I don’t turn it off when I am startled awake (didn’t matter because I have been up since 2:30 anyway). I must have fallen right back to sleep (great survival tactic, huh) I didn’t hear any of your activity. This is going to start getting irritating.”


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