Event #4 – 7: Saturday, January 9, 2010

We now have a name for “it”: “Enty” for Entity. Today’s “haunting”: (this is now #4). We are home today and I’m working in the basement cleaning, and Bob is busying himself about the house with tasks. The wall work-crew is out back doing a majorly noisy job today; driving steel panels into the creekside. As a “test”, I put my TV remote in Bob’s side-table drawer, and Bob’s in MY side table drawer. Basically, I swapped them. We were both home, AND, I went up once and checked; nothing had changed. Went up a second time, after all was quiet outside and the work crew had wrapped it up and gone home. MY remote was OUT of Bob’s drawer, and back on top my bed-stand. I can’t swear to it, but I also think that my radio was BACK on, after I had turned it off when I got up. And Bob noticed when we got up this morning something else — 2 pictures that hang on the walls in the room have been switched — and one is this REALLY heavy slate piece. geeezzz… And we don’t really even know when that happened. It could have been yesterday, it could have been a week ago. It could have been minutes ago! We really have to start to become more observant of our surroundings.  Still no comment from the former owner of the house. I hope I didn’t freak her out.

Still Saturday: I put 2 remotes in the tall wicker cabinet again, but in different drawers; the 1st and 3rd drawer. They were working out back today making a lot of noise. I went up twice – the first time nothing, the 2nd time, my remote was out of the drawer and laid on the floor in front of the wicker cabinet. Both times it moved it was MY remote that was relocated.

Odd impressions on sides of blanket

Also, I photographed 2 odd looking impressions in a soft blanket by the window. They look like handprints or small footprints See picture to the right. They are probably set about 18” apart. Sorry, but this just doesn’t look like a cat sat on the blanket:


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