Events #8 – 9: Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday evening: We went out tonight to watch the football game out at a sport’s bar. Our daughter, Kate, stayed at home. We were gone from 6:15 til 10:15 or so and left at half-time, as the game was clearly not going in our team’s favor. As soon as we got home, I went up and looked around our bedroom, but could find nothing amiss with the remotes. All I found was a new impression (print) in the soft blanket and I took pictures again of that. It is not made by our cat (Joe) – it looks like a small foot. There was only one tonight, earlier in the day there had been two. The pictures didn’t come out because it was dark and the flash kept going off, which washed out the shadows formed by the soft impressions. Then Bob went up while I was writing the former owner a return email. He came down kind of freaked out sounding saying,
“When you looked around upstairs, did you look in the closets”?
“Well, no – I hadn’t, WHY?????” I was feeling chills creep up my neck as I said this. What could Bob have found in the closets. He proceeded to tell me how the the clothes in his closet had been completely rearranged. All the stuff that had hung on the right was now on the left, and basically everything was reversed on the top rack. Also, a sweater he never wears was placed in a new spot. Nothing else seemed to be out of place – but who knows? That would have taken quite a bit of effort to swap those clothes; some of them are heavy things. I was a little freaked by this, I must confess. So I went upstairs, and I took both remotes out of drawers and put them on our tables where they belong, and removed from the room 2 extraneous remotes that didn’t really go to anything and put both in the basement! Now that is going to HAVE to be IT!!!!


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