Event #11: Later on Jan. 11, 2010

HERE! is Joe-the-Cat

Poor Joe (the cat that lives in our bedroom)
He is not taking this well. Joe has probably witnessed all the weird events, and it’s wearing on him. Joe is acting very freaked out most of the time. Bob called me at work tonight, and of course my first question was, “Is anything amiss??” He said nothing except a new print on the blanket. This one I will have to photograph in the morning. It is so clearly a small foot, it’s spooky.  This one echoes the 3 little marks I’d seen in the morning, minus the longer depression behind those 3 “toes” in this picture. And the ones I’d seen in the morning I had smoothed out before I left. As I stared at this print from different angles, I noticed a green bottle in the corner of the windowsill was tilted over tipped into the corner – it had always stood straight.

Looking out the window towards the creek - wall work is still going on

The prints are always looking out the window, as if someone is watching the wall work going on. I have taken a picture shooting out the window that I’ve also included with this post, showing where the wall is in relation to the bedroom window. Well here goes – going to bed. Can’t say I’m not nervous.

A 3-toed footprint in the blanket


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