Event #10: Early on Monday, January 11, 2010

Three incidents are questionable, but bear writing – one is I think I found my radio on Saturday morning, the morning of the 9th described above when I first went up there and found my remote taken out of Bob’s drawer. I thought I had turned it off, but can’t be entirely sure. Then yesterday – Sunday, the 10th – Bob went upstairs and found our cat, Joe, completely unsettled and slinking about the room, very freaked out, hiding under furniture and not wanting to come out. Earlier he’d found him just curled up on the bed.
I went up later, and he was still that way; he was yowling at me and restless. And then this morning – the 11th – Here is the email I sent to Bob:
“The only thing is that I got up and did my usual cursory glance around — the 3 main things I check now are the 2 remotes, and the purple blanket. The crew is what woke me up, so they are here. Everything seemed fine. Then I looked over again at the window, and the purple blanket now had 3 little prints on it. As if you were to take 3 fingers and press them in. But I can’t 100% swear they weren’t there when I first looked and I just didn’t see them. This will be a questionable one — nothing else seemed amiss.


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