Event #12-13: Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Both Bob and I slept terribly. I was up watching TV ‘til 2 AM, cause I just didn’t want to shut my eyes. I did finally fall asleep fitfully sometime after 2, but the work crew started in the 7’s with pumping out the port-a-pot, which makes a high-pitched wine that you can’t sleep through. Both of us heard a weird scrambling sound across the wood floors. Bob thinks it is actually something on the roof – not like we haven’t had THAT before (infestation of river rats). The next morning, Bob made fun of me for laying my “traps”. I had in fact gotten 2 more of the same kind of blankets that the prints are showing up on like above, and put them in 2 new different places. It occurred to me that it’s possible this has been going on longer than we think, and we just haven’t noticed. That’s truly not that far-fetched. That purple blanket was on the bed until about a week ago, and there is nothing else in the room that would have so clearly recorded these “prints” before, as Joe was always walking all over the bed. Our son, Stewie (not his real name) has suggested sprinkling talcum powder all over the floor, like tracking prints in snow. Not a bad idea really. Today, they are again driving steel plates. Oh dear.

Later this morning I was making the bed, and something made me glance up at the fabric ducks on the top of my closet – I don’t even know why. But I suddenly noticed that they were no longer in a line. Sunday night, when Bob’s closet was “re-arranged”, I had taken pictures of both of our closets, and now I had to run down and check the picture on the computer to see how the ducks looked then. And here, to the left, is the way they appeared (in a line) Sunday night.This is not the best picture, because I was going for the closet, not the ducks, but you can see that the 3 little ducklings are trailing the Mama Duck and all facing the same way, even though the picture cuts off Mama-Duck’s head. And then below that is the picture I took Tuesday morning after I noticed that things had moved. I’ve put a white circle around the 2 last ducks, which are now turned around to face the other way. There is no telling exactly when this might have happened, but it was sometime after midnight on Sunday, and before Tuesday morning. I looked at the dust marks left by this “action”, because the dust is pretty thick up there. I will have to get up there with a flashlight to see what really went on, and I’ll record that later.


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