Event #19-20: Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bob was in the bathroom and had the TV on NFL Network, Channel 29 on our TV. From in the bathroom, he heard the channel change from where he’d set it, and came out and found it on Channel 27. Later, when I went up, Joe came slinking out from underneath the bed, anxiously hopped on top of it and surveyed the room nervously, like he was hiding from something he’d just seen. (Bob had left the room quite a bit earlier). Obviously, there is nothing conclusive about the cat behavior, but the channels changing while you’re watching is something new.
When I downloaded the pictures I had taken, Bob looked at the “handprints” on the blanket that I had talked about at the end of the Wednesday post. He looked carefully, and declared that they were NOT his handprints. He also pointed out to me that the “fingers” go in really awkward directions. So I’ve added one of those pictures here, to the left. Another thing he mentioned was that he purposely has NOT been touching the blanket so as not to confuse his prints with “other” prints; that was after the day I found a fist print on it, and he told me he’d been leaning there looking out the window at the work going on.

Later on Saturday, we’d gone out to dinner nearby, and got home a bit after 9. I went upstairs to change into something comfortable, and Joe was laying curled up on the bed. Nothing was amiss; I looked around at all my (now) usual spots: top of closet, bureau, bed-side-tables for remotes. Nothing was out of sorts. Later, Bob went up to bed ahead of me and I followed after starting another load of wash. I asked Bob if he’d noticed anything, and he said, “Nothing but Joe walking the perimeter of the room and muttering to himself”. Oh, yeah? What was he saying? And with that, Bob did this perfectly ridiculous (and hysterical) imitation of Joe walking around the room all out of sorts muttering away like this:
“This-is-fucking-ridiculous-I’ve-had-enough-of-this-stop-fucking-with-me-I-can’t-take-any-more-of-this-what-are-you-trying-to-do-to-me-on-and-on-and-on” like that, slinking around and muttering along the room’s perimeter. He said it was like something had JUST happened. So I looked around. And sure enough – it was the Ducks again. See picture – the 2 that have already been moved twice are now further down, right to the edge of the closet top. If they move any further, they will be on the floor. And the big duck, the one in front – he was moved further away from the Mama duck, formerly leading her charge. There are “drag” marks in the dust and I photographed them too. The picture below shows all the disturbance in the heavy dust above the closets. I had no idea it was like that up there, I don’t often look. Guess I will in the future, that’s pretty disgusting. I’ve circled in yellow the ducks that were moved off to the left at the end of the closet. Joe calmed down finally after we got in bed, but he was NOT happy. Bob thinks if he’d come up a couple minutes earlier, he might have witnessed it. I asked him to leave the ducks like this, so I could see if there is any more progression.


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