Event #21: Wed., Jan. 27, 2010

This is where the cabinet WAS -- right behind the word "JOE"

I’m still a little freaked out by this one, as I literally JUST came down here to the computer from discovering it. I’m sitting here having a glass of wine, trying to get over the chills it just sent up and down my spine. I wish I could tell our daughter about it; she’s in the other room and it’s all I can do to keep this one quiet. I wish I had my two friends’ at work email address; the ones who I’ve been keeping up-to-date about this. I even woke Bob up to make sure he didn’t do it.

And now where it is -- clear across the room

The tall wicker cabinet that I’ve mentioned before, where I keep not-often-worn jewelry, scarves and what-not has been MOVED. And I don’t mean just inched to one side or something – it is CLEAR across the room. And the stuff that was on top, that seemed like it would surely topple if I tried to move it – didn’t budge.
Everything is in its place: a small football and some dried flowers that were more or less perched there. Not to mention all the little nail polish bottles on the top shelf inside, that you would think would surely topple over.

Stuff on and in wicker cabinet - did not budge when cabinet moved clear across the room

If Bob and I had moved this cabinet, you can be SURE they would have. I will have a picture in the morning. Above is the picture taken outside our bathroom, right where the cabinet WAS.
(AND! for the first time – there is JOE, the hapless cat in the picture!) The tall wicker cabinet stood right outside the bathroom door – I don’t have a picture of where it WAS, as I never thought I’d need a picture of that. However, it was right next to that longish hanging, in that corner by the door. And now? It is on the OTHER side of the room (see picture to the right) standing neatly right next to the window, a good 15 feet away, as if “someone” made a conscious thought, “I think I’d like the cabinet better over here.” Well, it doesn’t look TOO bad… it’s just that WE didn’t PUT IT THERE! Good grief. Later, when I calmed down and looked closer at it, I noticed how perfectly it was placed there. Square to the wall and the chest, right along the edge of the window, hiding the cable cord behind it. I could not have done it better myself. Next to it there is the purple blanket in front of the window that keeps turning up all of the “prints”. I will have to add my theory tomorrow about why I think this “happened”. I think I was partly responsible, because of something that I “did”. Our entity did not like it, either that, or was just “messing with me”. I think the latter. I’ll explain in the next post.


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