Event #23: Friday, January 29, 2010

Bob told me a weird story tonight. He’d hinted at it last night when he called me at work. He had said that he knows that it is going to end when the wall work is done, and he emphatically referred to our “entity” as a “she”. He would not say more, only that it was overwhelmingly female, and it would stop. I anxiously awaited his theory tonight over our beers at our Friday-after-work place. And this does qualify as the 23rd “event”, as it was something that happened to him, apparently the same night that the wicker cabinet moved. Before, or after?? We don’t know, since we don’t really know what time the cabinet moved. He said he was asleep in bed, it was about 11 or so, and had been asleep for a couple hours at the most, when “something” woke him up. He said that in his sleepy stupor, he thought I was climbing into the bed with him, as I would usually do, not necessarily at that hour though. Blankets moved and there were the sounds of someone getting in the bed, but they were getting in on TOP of the blankets, which he thought was odd, and not under the blankets like I would do. Then, immediately after this, he felt the weight of an arm laying over his torso, and the weight of a leg coming over his legs. Startled by this, he turned – and not only was I not there, but no one was there. Like the morning at 4 AM when he was so convinced I was approaching the bathroom that he opened the door for me – this time he was completely convinced that someone was in the bed, and yet it wasn’t me. I have yet to have one of these experiences with our “entity”, but I can pretty much guarantee that it would freak me the F out. So of course my question was, “What did you do?”
And his answer? “When I saw it wasn’t you and no one was there, I rolled back over and went back to sleep. For some reason, I didn’t feel fear from this experience, but I did pick up an overwhelmingly female presence, and also that her unrest was related to the wall. That was all. I don’t know, it should have been, but it was not really a fear-inducing experience. ‘She’ seemed very ‘vulnerable’ to me, for lack of a better word.”
This kind of gave me a sense of some relief in that maybe things would only progress to the point when the wall was finally finished. Which at this point, it was not, and I’ve included a picture in this post of the stage it was in on January 29. This picture was taken that day. Work had started toward the end of November, so this was roughly two months into it, and they really only have a small bit to finish, in that the unfinished section is only waiting for the poured cement. Actually, because there are tarps on it, the cement was probably poured already.


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