Sunday, Jan. 31, 2010

On January 31, 2010, I sent the following email to some friends (that are also neighbors) around the corner from us. Besides 2 people at my work, and Bob & I, they would be the 5th  & 6th of the people that we were letting know about this. We were in the midst of working out details of getting together for the upcoming Superbowl, which is one of our traditions, and I thought we’d get them “up-to-speed”, so to speak with the events that had been going on here, before the game that day. Up to this point, they knew nothing of it at all. So here is the email I sent to them:

Me, written Jan. 31: “I know I have hinted at our “paranormal activity” since the work on the wall started… or I think I did. I’ve been writing it up since things started happening with such regularity and I’ve taken some pictures of things, and I thought you might find it an interesting read, so I’ve attached a copy in a .pdf file. I don’t know if by next Sunday we will have more to add — but if we do, I’ll print it out and bring it with me. Pretty weird — let me know what you think. Nothing happened today, so I’m pretty low key about it at this moment, but if you got me on one of the “event” days, I’d be saying, “PRETTY F-ING WEIRD!”. You’ll soon see why…”

And an addendum later from me:  “Oh, just a head’s up about what you’re going to read in that attached file… I should have mentioned that we ARE NOT!! telling our daughter about all the going’s on. She knows only about the first 2 TV remote incidents, and she was so freaked out by that, we stopped telling her stuff. She’s been hinting at moving out, and we think this would send her over the edge. Thanks!”

And then back from “Dan”*, dated January 31, 2010:

“This is all pretty f*cking amazing. We won’t mention anything to Kate and please tell Bob that we don’t want our girls to be aware of the situation either per Elaine’s request. Once one of them goes over the edge thinking something is up in this house we’ll never hear the end of it. From an independent viewpoint, two things come immediately to mind:

Are you absolutely sure it’s not one of the work crew moving things around?

The technology is simple and cheap now for you to set up a video of your room. I would think you should do that asap to catch this activity live and put the camera in a place that is not readily visible.

Hang in there with all this stuff. I think Elaine or I would have a tough time dealing with something like that. I do very much believe that something like this is possible in a ‘paranormal’ sense. That’s why a top priority should be to get it on video.
When is the work on the wall actually ending? Thanks for the update and let’s keep in contact!

Me, back to Dan: I’ve definitely thought about a video camera. We have ruled out the crew — the reason is a lot of the events happen when they are not here. In fact, I think at least 4 of them have happened when Bob is laying there sleeping! I do believe it is not a “person”, but I have no idea how to define “what” it is. I have talked to Bob  previously about setting up a camera. You don’t know any details about how to do that, do you? And I will for sure let him know about not talking about it in front of your kids. I can relate to that!


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