Later on January 31, 2010

Dan then had an idea about setting up the camera, and wrote to someone that he knows that does that kind of thing:

Dan to Matt: “Let me introduce you to Lois – we’ve known her and her husband for many years and they are great people.”

Dan to Me: “Lois, meet Matt – he and his wife Connie are longtime friends of ours and they live in town. If you are interested in Matt’s offer you can email him and take it from there! Keep us posted on everything!”

Dan to Matt & Connie:
Hi guys,
Here’s something strange but interesting. Connie, I think you are aware of the construction near us at the bridge, where a new retaining wall is being constructed at our friends’ house and a lot of property is being torn up. Our friends told us today that since the construction began in late December, they have experienced a lot of ‘paranormal’ activity that has them very rattled and they are not ‘paranormal-type’ people. Most of this happens in their bedroom and relates to objects being moved around, from channel changers to an entire dresser moving across the room, as well as things like channels changing on the TV or the ceiling fan going on and off. They have taken ‘before and after’ photos of a number of objects that have moved during the day or night, but they have nothing on video. I told them they should put in a video camera in the room to capture events when they are gone (or asleep) and they are interested in the idea. Elaine and I told them that we know someone (that’s you, Matt) who installs surveillance cameras and we told them we would ask you how much a simple camera/video setup might run so they can capture what happens when they are gone or are asleep.
I know this sounds pretty damn strange but we are good friends with them and want to help in any way – this appears to be disrupting their lives in a significant way. If you drive by the house at night you’ll see every possible light, inside or out, is on.
Matt, are you interested in talking to them to set up a simple, effective solution to capture what’s happening? Thanks.


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