February 1, 2010

I responded Feb. 1 with this email back to Dan:
Thanks for doing this, Dan! I’m starting to think that Bob might be right, in that the activity may have ended when the wall was filled in. However, they do still have to backfill, and bring back the big excavator, and make a lot of noise, so… you never know. It’s just that weekends were usually a pretty active time for our “entity”, and I’m kind of surprised that nothing happened this weekend. Well, nothing really significant. I’ll email Matt directly. Thanks, Dan.
See you next weekend.

And then Dan back to me:
Sounds good – let’s hope for the best with everything. If you are going to put the camera thing on hold then just let Matt know not to bother to find the IR lights he mentioned. I’m sure we’ll talk before the weekend about SuperBowl logistics, etc.

I then write to Matt, to follow up from Dan:
Hi Matt,
Thanks for considering doing this. It’s a situation that is beyond bizarre as far as we’re concerned, however, my husband, Bob, had this theory that it was going to end when the wall work was finished. They finished the cement pouring part of the wall last week; they are not finished working, but since then, the “activity” seems to have died down. We had nothing significant this weekend at all, and it was ongoing since early January. The way I think I will leave this for now, is if anything happens in the next couple of days, I will take you up on the offer — but if it is in fact “over”, I don’t want to infringe on you for the time. I’m not as sure as Bob is about it ending, but we shall see. I would be just as happy if it is — we could save a little on the electric bill. Thanks again. Lois

And then I sent that email to Dan & Elaine as well:
Hey guys,
Here’s the email I sent Matt. I really appreciate you putting us all together. It would certainly be intriguing, if we could, to find out what is going on, but I do kind of feel that I have to confirm that something still IS going on before I ask someone to spend all this time (and equipment) doing this. So we’ll see what happens, if anything, in the next couple of days. It might be that excavator’s motor that gets it all going (and it’s on its way back here this week)…
Thanks again. Lois


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