Event #25: Tues. evening, Feb. 2, 2010

I asked Bob tonight, since I’ve been dwelling on it since Friday, just HOW he was so sure it was going to end when the wall was finished. As it turns out, the power failure (of just 2 items in the entire house) was the last thing that has happened, and that was back on Saturday, Jan. 28th. He said it was just a very clear “message” from this “entity”. The one that got in the bed.

“Well, what was it exactly?” I pressed. My conversation with Bob went something like this:

“I felt like I had a non-verbal conversation with ‘it’. I was not afraid of ‘it’ at all; it was more like ‘it’ was afraid. She was afraid. It became very clear to me in those seconds that it was about the wall. She was afraid of the water, and would feel “better” or less “vulnerable”, when the wall was back in place”. He said it was overwhelmingly female, and very vulnerable. I asked him if any part of this conversation was out loud, and he had to think for a second, and said, “Well, I might have said, ‘It’s DONE’.” He had a very clear sense of “communicating” this to “her”, and that it would settle down when the wall was finished. I found this to be a fascinating part of all that had gone on up to this point.

Bob read later what I wrote above about this, and added his own words: “It was very clear that it was a woman, and that she was scared of the water. The wall gave her a sense of protection, and that when I said it was “done”, and that when it was finished she would be safe, he felt from “her” that she would finally feel safe when the wall was completed. This was all done by communicating without speaking, back and forth in a way that was understood by both, and Bob got the clear message from “it” that it understood and had a sense of relief that the wall would soon be done. He had the feeling of relief, or joy, or happiness from “it” and it could now go back to whatever it had been doing before.

And then nothing happened for awhile. I was looking around every night and every night we talked on the phone, I would ask if anything was amiss in our room. The day of the last cement pouring had been Thursday, January 28th, and there was nothing of note after that. Until yesterday.

The emails of January 31 and Feb. 1st went only as far as what has appeared here. We never did follow up with Matt about setting up a camera, even though within about a week, things had picked up again. We didn’t pursue it because of the nature of what it was beginning to become. We felt we were dealing with a real personality, not some random “poltergeist”, or “ghost”, or shadow person, or whatever. Bob was getting a true sense of someone, some thing – with a real personality, and something that might actually be “alive”, not a ghost from the past. He was at a loss as to how to explain this, or why he even thought it. But he also thought that somehow, any intrusion such as a video camera in the room, might inhibit or scare our “entity” and he didn’t want this to happen. I felt coming from him a sense of protection for “it”, for lack of a better word, and given that Bob was having much more of the “contact” at that point than I was, I felt that I had to respect that. So after that, the video idea got shelved, so to speak.


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