Event #26 : February 8-9, 2010

Bob told me at work when we talked late Monday night that Joe the cat had been very agitated again.
“Well, did you find anything out of place?” I asked.
He didn’t, but he says he never does, unless it’s really obvious. So when I got home Mon. night, I looked around. Couldn’t find anything at all. I looked all over; nothing. Then Tuesday night (Feb. 9), it was really cold in the room, because Bob had gotten home so late and the wood stove had only been burning for about an hour, so I decided our bed needed the down comforter. I’ve been doing some cleaning/organizing projects in the room, which is giving it a kind of chaotic atmosphere and on top of the comforter some clothes that I’m folding were piled. So I had to move them aside, and as I carried them away, something hard dropped to the floor.
“What on earth is that?” I thought… I picked it up; it was the little reading light that Bob got me for Christmas this year – it’s for reading in bed, and clamps to a book and has a battery operated bulb. I keep it on the BEDSIDE TABLE!! So how did it get here… ?


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