Event 27: Thurs., Feb. 12, 2010

Our daughter called me from work, saying she’d heard something that morning above her bathroom, while she was standing at the sink. We had stopped telling her about our “ghostie” incidents way back after incident #2 with the remotes. That was purposeful because she reacted in such a way that we knew she couldn’t handle it. When she called about what she’d heard in the bathroom, she first wanted to verify that what was over the ceiling was the crawl space. Yes, I said, it was. “Well, I heard something BIG up there”, she exclaimed. “Nothing like a little mouse, it had to be at least a raccoon”. I told her I would go up and check around before I left, and she warned me to be careful; I did not want an encounter with whatever this was. I went up and checked later in the morning and there were still only mouse droppings; nothing “big”, like even a river rat or bigger. Who knows what this incident could mean – it really could be an animal, but there does not seem to be any way that something that large could get in and out of the crawl space.


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