Event 28: Feb. 13, 2010

One night (again, I didn’t log the date, but I’m thinking maybe last weekend, which was the 13th-14th), Bob said to me, “You know, I’m not doing that to that bracelet”. Now it was MY turn to give a blank look: “What bracelet”?
“You know, the one on the closet floor.”
“Well, what’s being done to it”, I asked.
“It keeps showing up in a heart shape”.
“Oh”, I said. “Are you sure? Cause I keep hanging it up, and the catch is bad on it, and it keeps falling off where I hang it and lands in a pile”.
“A heart-shaped pile?” Bob asks.
“Well, I don’t know what kind of shape, I’ve never looked… but I will start to notice.”
After that, I did start to take notice. Bob said he’d found it that way at least 3 times. Every time I looked at it, it was in a sort of formless pile. So I kind of got tired of that, and this weekend I stretched it out in a long straight line. This way at least I could just know if it had moved, because the “piles” were more or less interpretive to me. Bob was seeing hearts, I didn’t know what I was seeing. I tried to form it into a heart-shape myself; it was not that easy. This bracelet is made of metal – it’s metal daisies strung together. I’ve had it since the 60’s. I think my grandmother bought it for me (and probably an identical one for my sister) at the Jersey shore probably better than 45 years ago. It has some sentimental value to me, but I can no longer wear it because of that bad catch. I’d certainly lose it. Above I have placed a picture of one of the ways it was found, after I’d stretched it out straight. We’d come home, open the bathroom closet, and there on the bottom shelf of the closet was the daisy arranged like a heart. What is that about? At least it is a very non-threatening shape.

And a couple of other things bear mentioning, but I’ve been forgetting to write dates. The first was one night Bob woke up to the sound of someone walking across the floor. It happened 3 times that he was awakened that night. The first time he thought it was me. One time, he actually got up, out of bed, went downstairs and looked around. It was not the cat – Joe was in bed, and besides, he does not make those kinds of sounds on the floor. Something was walking around the room. I wish I’d logged the dates, but the best I can do, is sometime between the 8th and the 19th of February.


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