Event #29: Monday, Feb. 22, 2010

Tonight I came home from work and came up to the bedroom to change into some sweats. I had in mind to do some bill-paying at my computer or something while I watched some Winter Olympics. It was almost 11 pm and our daughter had already gone to bed. I always check now certain things when I come up to the room. The ducks were in place (still where I left them after the 3rd move). The bureau figurines were in place. With a brief glance, my bedside table looked intact. Joe was comfortably curled up on the bed next to a sleeping Bob. I examined for any kind of prints on the purple blanket, which, finally didn’t have a pile of my reorganized clothes on it. I was starting to think that we’d seen the end of it. I was feeling a little bit rueful about this. That’s a little hard to explain, but I think once I understood how fearful our “entity” had been, I actually in a weird way started to miss it. I felt bad for “her”. Bob and I talked about this over the weekend, and we both feel that way. So I was taking off my jewelry, and I should explain that I keep my jewelry hanging on the inside of a small closet door. It’s a little closet in our bathroom. I’ve added a picture to the right to get a feel for the whole set-up. Look at the bottom shelf – I’ve put a red circle around the two objects that are the subject here, and then the the left below that is a close-up of the two — the daisy heart bracelet, and the TV remote.
That’s where the “heart-daisy” bracelet has been “doing its thing”. And I opened the door, hung my earrings, hung my necklace, and was just about to shut the door, when I noticed – the bracelet. And here it is, in a perfect heart shape (see picture to the left) and as I’m noticing the heart – guess what else is sitting right there – Bob’s TV remote. Above I’ve placed a picture of the entire closet, just for reference where this all is.


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