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March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Then this morning, Bob wrote back to me this email:
How the hell do you get the translations? And get them that quickly?Something very strange about that. Apparently Kitchi is my name, I don’t know if it is a nickname or my tribal name. I was at the creek as were the two elderly gents that I met before. Nice enough fellows. They don’t seem to think this is that extraordinary. They appear to be helping and guiding Nuttah. How the hell did you get the translations? Also, I heard from Dan, all is well.

And then my email back to Bob:

“It’s really not been that hard. It’s always from the same site: I copied those English/Lenape translations right from there, I didn’t type them. On one of the words, you even got the accent right — except that it goes in the other direction. Nuttah will probably correct you on that eventually. I can’t put the phrases by themselves into a search engine though. Well, I can, I just don’t get anything. I have to use the word “Lenape”, and then your Lenape phrase. And I’ll get one or 2 results, sometimes none, so sometimes I have to play around with it, and just pick one word. There is no search feature on that “Talk-Lenape” site, which would be helpful, and their translator only works in the English to Lenape direction. They have about 54 pages of sentences on that site. The one that so far was most confounding was the ktaholel sentence, cause normally those words would not have been used together like that. So what was the “You know more” part? Did that happen at the creek? Was it used in a context maybe like “you will know more”? Did you see/notice anything new/different at the creek this time? Was it just as disorienting as usual?”

And the Bob’s email back:
“I don’t want to go to the sites [you send me] because I don’t want to corrupt my thoughts. I will delete this email. She is using much more sign language then previously. That may be the next thing you will have to look up.

The “you know more” I pretty much knew from the hand signs [she was giving me] but I wanted to see if you could figure it out to confirm it. It is one of the most foreign languages I have ever heard. I think she is telling me I know more than I am allowing myself to believe. The 2 elderly gents were in agreement with her on that. She is trying to get me to communicate my thoughts to her. That should prove interesting, unlike all this mundane stuff that has been occurring. I feel today like I am still between both times, very odd sensation. Almost like I am out of sync here.
She is still trying to convey something significant about the water and my connection to it. I think I know, have known, what it is, I just haven’t said it. But I believe it is why she is so overwhelmingly sad.
See if you can find out what Ketchi is, what it means.
Ktaholeh Awup
And mine back to Bob:
(is it “Kitchi” or “Ketchi”? or you don’t know?)
I’ve copied the contact form below that I sent to the talk-lenape site. They had responded, but it went in my spam folder; I found it the other day. I had asked about “Ketchi”. There is no direct translation, 2 similar words mean “Don’t” or “Really”, as you see below. I looked at the name sites as well, where we found “Nuttah”. Can’t find it there. There are some northern camps named “Kitchi” one in Minnesota near some Indian burial grounds. Also, Kitchi the otter escaped from a zoo yesterday! A police description of the scenario runs something like this: suspect is approximately 4 feet long, not considered dangerous, has an uncanny taste for fish. The suspect remains at large. (Just had to interject a bit of humor here). OH — I just realized when I did the name search, I was using Ketchi — and I looked up “Kitchi” because that seems to have more relevant web hits, and there it was on the name site:

KITCHI: Algonquin, BRAVE

So there it is. Using Kitchi as a search term, there are a lot of relevant hits; I can look into that more tonight. Here is the contact form I sent to “”:
> I’ve been using your dictionary lately, but I wondered if by any chance
> you have a Lenape to English translation. I’m stumped by the following:
> nuxati ktaholeh nshielintam
> I believe that the first word is “Father Dear”, and the last word means “I
> am so sad”. What about the middle word? It might actually be 2 words.
> Also, “ketchi”?

And this was their response:
That is a strange sentence if that is what it is supposed to be.
Dear-father I-love-you I-am-sad.  The middle word is probably ktaholël.

Ketchi, maybe is kàchi = don’t.  Or kichi = really.
In the future we plan to add a Lenape to English finder.

March 30, 2010

Event #44: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tonight I came home from work to more words on the notepad; see right. I then wrote this email to Bob:

“Kitchi (is that your name? nickname?) You are “nux”, but is Kitchi your official name? I like it. It’s “catchy”, so to speak.  See translations below.

Lenape: Alëwi ki kuwatu.
English: You know more

Lenape: Sipunk atàm
English: Let us go to the creek

I’m dying to know – did you GO to the creek? What did you see this time? What about the “you know more”? Wow — it continues. Nothing was moved. I guess she is past that now.”

Bob is even beginning to get the accent marks right when he writes the language. I am dying to know about the “Let us go to the creek” phrase. And the reference to sign language.

March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010

A notable event, even though I can’t remember the date now: My truck broke down on the way to work. It just died, and I felt it happening, so fortunately I had pulled off into a parking lot.  First call was to the mechanic that had just inspected the truck, and we’d paid a lot of money for it to pass. And as I’m talking to the mechanic, someone is trying to call me. I ignored it because I figured I could retrieve whoever it was when I finished talking, which I needed to do because of breaking down. Next, I was going to call AAA, but I checked to see who had called me first. It had been Bob. So I called him to see what was up. He rarely, if ever, calls me in the morning, so I was a little concerned. After I told him what was going on with the truck, I wondered, “what made you call me?” And the answer was a surprise: “I had this odd feeling that something was wrong.”

March 24, 2010

Event #43: March 24, 2010

I spoke to Bob from work and he told me about how he was out in the yard feeding the puppies. It was dark, because he got home late. I couldn’t figure out where this was going. But he hadn’t yet turned on any lights in the house, or the outdoor spotlights. And something caught his eye, coming from up in the area of our bedroom, which has two windows that face that side of the yard. The bathroom window and the main part of the bedroom face out there. And from the bathroom window, he saw a distinct glow – a whitish, sort of LED light glow, very bright, and it moved from that window to the other window.

“Is this a glow the size of a softball?” I asked.
“No, no, much bigger,” was the answer.
“A basketball then?”
“No, more like… ½ of a person”, Bob answered.
“Oh, I said, “That big. Wow…”
And how about Joey, when you came in, was he freaked?”
“Oh yeah, he was definitely freaked!”

This is a new thing. As if all the stuff above isn’t enough, now we have a glowing orb moving around the room. I came up to the bedroom when I got home a bit after 10, and nothing was amiss. So that is where we are now.

Something I mentioned in an email above bears elaborating on. I never mentioned it in this log of events, because until recently, I didn’t associate it with these events. But then I started thinking about it, and I’d brought it up with Bob that there might actually be a connection. This event actually happened to Kate. I think it occurred after our event #1, which was the TV remote appearing on the shelf above the bed. I am not sure about that, because at that time, I was not logging dates and events. We were just sort of beginning to notice stuff. And I guess one night Kate and I were sitting around, and I was musing on the relocation of the TV remote. And the way I remember it, is that I asked Kate if she had ever observed or experienced anything in our house that would qualify as “haunting”.

“Well, yeah”, she said. “This was actually just the other night”, she continued.

“I woke up really early in the morning, it was around 3 AM. I had to go to the bathroom, so instead of going downstairs, I used the upstairs bathroom, which I don’t usually do. I had put a light on next to my bed, because it was really dark. Also, I felt like something had woken me up, and I didn’t know what that was. Then, when I came out of the bathroom, I noticed my bed – I had left the covers down, and the sheet was exposed. There was the impression of someone laying in the bed, like I was still there. And then I heard the noises of something getting out of the bed, and the dents in the mattress lifted as if someone was getting out of the bed”.

I was listening to this and my eyes were widening as she neared the end. And I said, “Geez… that is so creepy! And then you just got back in bed?!”

“Yeah… “, was the answer, somewhat casually. “But now that you mention it, I guess that was kind of weird.

Kind of, I thought. I couldn’t figure this out, especially how calm and casual she was about it. As if she’d never felt threatened or fearful, and actually just related the event as something that happens every day. Why she didn’t come screaming over to our side of the house saying that there was something in my bed! I thought about it later in light of everything else that was going on. And it was when Bob started talking about his encounters with an “actual person” that it became more relevant. I have often wondered how Bob was able to just turn over and go to sleep after some of these episodes, and yet he does. And how Kate so casually crawled back into bed after some “entity” had just left it without giving it a second thought. Bob says Nuttah does something to make him not afraid when it is happening. It is just when he dwells on the over-powering weirdness of all of it the following day that it starts to get to him, and he seriously questions his sanity, among other things – like his grip on reality. Kate never gave this a second thought. She hasn’t brought it up again since then either. And then this week, Nuttah divulges to Bob that she had visited Kate earlier, and through some kind of body language was able to convey that she left because she thought Kate would be too afraid.

March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010

Then this email from Bob the morning of March 24th:

“Try “I love you” for ktaholel. Had a visit while you were there. Would have been interesting for you to be awake. I was by the creek. Busy day at work. Let me know if it works or not. Weirded out again today and not much sleep.”

So I went to the English-Lenape translator, and plugged in “I love you”, and wrote this back to Bob:

“Yeah, that was it! I don’t know why it didn’t come up in a search because I used your exact spelling, which was correct. Anyway, plugging it in on the talking dictionary, there it was. But I had to know the English phrase. I did hear you get up last night and put the radio on. Was that when she was there? You didn’t write anything, but did she communicate? Did she try to convey the meaning of ktaholel? Any other words? Did she go away then because I was there? I love you (ktaholel)”

And Bob wrote back to me:

She was there at about 1:15 AM. I turned the radio on about 2 something. She was able to communicate to me by body language and hand signals while repeating the phrase, as well as “father dear, I am sorry/sad” I think she is saying sorry, is that an interpretation of the phrase by any chance? I could have just dreamed all this too, who knows. I am altered and exhausted. Only slept fitfully the rest of the night.

And I responded this:
Sorry and sad use the same word. Maybe it’s the context. I must have just fallen asleep, about 1/2 hour before:

English: I am sad; I am sorry
Lenape: nshielìntàm
English: I love you
Lenape: ktaholël

March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010

My email to Bob: It looks like last night was eventful! I clicked on the audio when I found the translation to “nshielintam”.  And in your notes, you wrote it numerous times, until you finally got the “N”. Does she let you know you are spelling it wrong? Cause in that audio, I can’t pick up that “N” at ALL. I could not find anything on the “ktaholël“, even trying it as two words. Was there some contextual clue? This is what you wrote:
nuxati ktaholël nshielintam
If it was just:
nuxati nshielintam,
It would have meant:
Father Dear, I am sad
I also looked up “Kechi”, maybe “how many”?
Fascinating. We need a smarter animal than Joe hanging out in there.

And then Bob’s email back to me:

“It was unbelievably emotionally draining last night. Part/most took place in the room. I can’t believe I went to sleep so quickly afterward, Nuttah must do something to me to allow me to sleep.

The “ktaholël” was, as best I remember, a phrase in context of the rest. It was very emotional, I felt such sorrow, like I have never felt, almost crying writing this. The Ketchi had a “T” in it and it seems to be a name, pointing at me, sort of a nick name, I believe. She said other things but it was all I could do to get this, and this seemed extremely important to her. Geez, the sadness is overwhelming. I’ll try to remember some more. Writing this in bits and pieces as I have time, so if it sounds more disjointed then normal that is why. I am in lala land today as much as the first time it happened. UNBELIEVABLE.
She did visit Kate that night too. She wanted to communicate, but couldn’t or wouldn’t out of fear she was going to scare her too much, can’t imagine why it would scare her?!
The water is important to her and apparently has something to do with me, not sure how I know this, way too much info last night, almost as though her emotion made her lose control of the limits of what I could take in. The Ktaholeh phrase was repeated many times as were the others, also emotional and important enough for her to stay and make sure I got it right, which is somehow done by ME interpreting the sounds as I write and repeating them back to her. That is how I do it, I understood that last night. What a flood of information and emotion! Enough for now.

I wrote a follow up email to that one:
“Wow, interesting night last night. How did she communicate that she’d visited Kate? That’s really curious. I don’t remember exactly when that was – but it was definitely before all this other stuff, and (I think?) after the work had started. Is she curious about Kate because she is also your daughter? Had she been there first? (to see Kate) Were you in her environment at all last night, or just the bedroom? When you repeat back to her, are you saying it out loud? I still don’t know how you got the “N” in front of that phrase, I can’t hear that pronounced at all in the audio. Does she correct you like a teacher? You mentioned the water again, and your role. Maybe it has something to do with putting the fish in the creek and taking care of them and protecting them from others. Maybe that was also her father’s role? This is all very interesting. From my research last night I still have 12 tabs open in my browser from all the sites I explored trying to find information about what you wrote. Two of the words came up right away because your spelling was right on. If you don’t have time to text all this, you can tell me tonight and I’ll take notes. Sorry it was so draining on you! Wonder how Kate would take it.

March 22, 2010

Event #42: Monday, March 22, 2010

When Bob and I spoke at work he said he’d come up to the bedroom and Joe was really skittery. So I knew to expect something. Of course at this point, I don’t know what that will be, just something. And sure enough, I came up to a whole notebook page of writing. This didn’t happen until after we had talked though. She must have been “waiting” for Bob to arrive, and to get into bed, so that she could “talk”.  Since this was the most writing I’d seen yet, I grabbed the notebook and ran downstairs to the scanner and computer. I made sure to put a piece of paper with the pen on Bob’s bedside table just in case there happened to be… more. I’m getting pretty good at researching the words now. I know the sites where I will have the most results. And the search terms to use.  So the first thing I plugged in was “Lenape and nshielintam”. I looked at Bob’s progression of the word as he tried to understand it, and imagined a teacher correcting him until at the bottom of the page he gets it right. And I’ve got to say, I don’t know HOW, because if you hear this word (on the site I go to, “”, there is an audio link to click, and you can hear it being pronounced), it does not sound ANYTHING like that. You can’t hear the “N” in it at ALL. If I had to spell it, based on the woman doing the audio pronunciation at, it would be: “gee-eh-lin-dam”. The emphasis in on the LIN syllable. And yet it is “Nshielintam”. My notes are next to the word, where I wrote what it meant: “I am sad”.
Then I tried the first word: “Nuxati”, and that was not hard to find either, and it meant “Father Dear”, or “dear Father”. Then I tackled the “Tahola, ktahole, taholel, Ktaholeh. I tackled that one for awhile. I couldn’t find it. The site that I mentioned above only has an “English to Lenape” translation. And you have to be very literal: you have to have exactly the right phrase. So for instance, if I was to put in “sad”, I get no result, but if I put “I am sad”, I get the right word. I reported my findings to Bob in an email the next morning, which will be the next post.

March 21, 2010

Event #41: Monday, March 21, 2010

There was nothing all week. Bob had a needed break. Until today. It is now Sunday, March 21, 2010, and we think we did something to spark some activity. We brought some new furniture into the room. I’d found a dresser and 2 bedside tables on Craig’s List, and we went and picked them up on Saturday.  Only we were both too pooped to try to get the 9-drawer dresser up the steps. Our steps don’t go straight up, that would have been easy;  they have a sharp turn. So we left the dresser for today (not without joking that maybe Nuttah could move it up the stairs for us) and got it up there this afternoon. Then we were busy doing yard work and stuff, and Bob had gone up to get the old furniture out of the room. I went to check things out to see how it all looked.
“Did you put this cow here?” I asked?
The cow figurine from the old dresser was now on the new dresser, in a rather odd spot. I knew I didn’t do it. Bob kept asking me if I was sure I didn’t do it, and I know I hadn’t. He hadn’t either. So I looked around for anything else. And something else had moved. It was the ducks again. The two that I had left at the far end, where they’d been slid down ‘til they almost fell off the closet top, were now turned slightly inward toward the leading two ducks, and also moved slightly to the right.

Bob and I have spent quite a bit of time this week talking about the events of last week. This is a particularly interesting turn, and I’ve asked him if he thinks it will continue. He is almost certain that there is more; that this is just the beginning. We are basically nowhere  with trying to figure out WHAT is happening, we just know that something is. A lot of speculation is going on. I keep prodding Bob to try to write something himself, especially about the time-travel part of the mystery. He is too busy most of the time, and a little too on edge about it still. He did contact a woman that he heard as a guest on the radio program “Coast to Coast AM”. Her name is Sandra Ingerman. She spoke about something that sounded similar to what Bob was going through. Her webmaster responded, and we are supposed to send this journal.

March 16, 2010

Monday, March 16, 2010

And then here was Bob’s  email back to me this morning:

“Yes, I pretty much knew I was being introduced. Happened about 5 minutes after I called you the second time. Only thing different was that this time Joey jumped up and went to the end of the bed and stared, not scared, more like interested.
I am beginning to understand I cannot move from the space I am in, which appears to mean we are sleeping very near where the creek edge was 400 years ago. I was introduced to two elderly men. They sort of acknowledged it/me with a hand gesture and some words I cannot possibly recall. Did you say you found a site with audio of the language? Very hard to pronounce and remember.
Enough of this. It is getting too weird the following day after it happens. Too disorienting.”

I found out more later from Bob when we talked tonight. He was brought to the creek again. He was being introduced to some “elders”.  They were older Lenape men that Nuttah has a lot of respect for. It is night. Bob can see the glow of fires in the long houses. He can see this through the trees, because it is winter. It is exactly the season and the time of day that we are currently in now. When he goes there it is night there, and it is night here. And there are no leaves on the trees. If there were, he says he would not be able to see the long houses, they would be obscured. And what is Joe doing? (the cat). That night, Bob said Joe walked to the end of the bed, and sat, looking, in the direction of where she (Nuttah) would be. His head was going up and down as if he was following something. Joe can see her? Joe has, at times, bolted off the bed, sat there alert, alarmed, and vocalizing as if he does not know what to make of what he is witnessing (who would?), and then this time, just observing. But what does he see??? What would happen if we brought one of the dogs in? Tonight, (Tues. March 16), Bob had a break from the activity. I think we need a break. Oh, I forgot to photograph that print on the blanket. I can think of nothing that would have caused it. I’ll get it in the morning. I need natural daylight, not the flash.

March 15, 2010

Event #40: Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight, I again came home to some words on the notepad. This time he wrote: “she wa nux”. I looked that up on the site I am now using as a resource all the time, and I found the translation on this page:

Here, I have copied it:
English: This is my father.
Lenape: Shè wa nux.

And next to this was a little “audio link” and I could click that and listen to how that sounds pronounced. In our English, these words are very hard. It is not what you think. Nux is hard to say, it is not like we would pronounce anything at all. Very hard “chs” pronunciation at the end, more like an exhalation of air. But it was the translation that was so intriguing; how was it used, I wondered?

I wrote this email to Mark:
“Here is the translation, but I guess you already know this. The only weird thing amiss in the room was this VERY odd print on the blanket. I’ll take a picture in the morning.

English: This is my father.
Lenape: Shè wa nux

whoa. That phrase, by the way, where I found it, has a little audio thing you can click next to it to hear how it sounds. And I don’t know HOW you get the spelling right, when I listen to that. Sounds NOTHING like it’s spelled.