Event #33: Monday, March 1, 2010

I talked to Bob tonight on the phone from work. He made a point to mention Joe’s behavior when he came up to the bedroom. He said he was yowling, but Bob could find nothing amiss. I went up as soon as I got home and looked around very thoroughly at all the usual suspects. There is nothing except some odd marks on the purple blanket that “could” be Joe – and one other thing. A torn off piece of pink paper sitting on the bathroom sink clearly with Bob’s handwriting on it with 3 words:
“TURTLES??” (with the question marks)
and “WATER”
Bob must have written these down after we hung up, because we sure didn’t talk about that, and I’m guessing it was maybe a communication of some sort he had with our “entity”? I won’t find out until tomorrow. I hope he remembers writing the words down.

So I wrote Bob this email so he would get it in the morning:

“In case you forget, what did those words you wrote down mean? Some images/dialogue that was coming to you?”

And then his reply in the morning was this:
“Won’t forget. Had company last night. Woke about an hour after I talked to you with a very clear presence in our room. Joe did not freak, he was apparently watching and made some howls but stayed on the bed. I woke bolt upright like someone was calling me loudly. It was hard to get across to me, not like emotion, which appears to be easier to communicate. I think I got the idea she/it was communicating. I got “Unami”, I think, isn’t that one of the groups from the area? She kept saying a phrase in a language I have no concept of, can’t even begin to remember it, sort of like learning Italian over the speaker in that restaurant. I got, and I have no idea what the hell this has to do with anything, images of a turtle, as though this has some significance and importance to her. I may have completely stepped off the platform. This is too strange, seems crazy while I’m writing it. I got a strong sense that she is very happy that we care for animals, I wonder if she heard my conversation with Duke’s owner? That was downstairs right before I came up and Joe was bitchin’. The water thing I can’t remember now, I’ll see if I can remember later; I know it wasn’t clear to me. Turtle was very important, almost prideful, if that makes any sense?! Got to get back to work.”

So this morning, I looked up some information about the Unami Indian Tribe, which did inhabit this area. Bob said he’s getting a sense of “400 years ago”, and I found this interesting tidbit:

Unami: One of the principal divisions of the Delaware Indians (Lenape), formerly occupying the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware river, from the junction of the Lehigh southward about the Delaware line. Their totem was the turtle (pakoango). According to Morgan, they were one of the three gentes of the Delaware, while Brinton says the turtle was merely the symbol of a geographic division. The Unami have sometimes been called the Turtle Tribe of the Delaware.
And then this breaks it down even further:
The Pokekooungo, or Turtle clan, has the following 10 subdivisions, 2 others being extinct:
(1) Okahoki (ruler);
(2) Takoongoto (high bank shore);
(3) Seeharongoto (drawing down hill);
(4) Oleharkarmekarto (elector);
(5) Maharolukti (brave); (6) Tooshkipakwisi (green leaves) ;
(7) Tungulungsi (smallest turtle) ;
(8) Welunungsi (little turtle);
(9) Leekwinai (snapping turtle);
(10) Kwisaesekeesto (deer).

Curiously, the former owner’s of this house before we moved here? The man was a big collector of all things turtle – was he getting a sense of the turtle thing here too? And then much later, I was to learn that the woman has a turtle tattooed on her butt! Connection there? Who knows.


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