March 2, 2010

Nothing happened today. At least nothing that we know of. I came home tonight to no handwritten notes, no movements of anything in the room. But Bob and I did talk tonight, and he is bordering on stepping off the edge with this stuff that is “happening to him”… he says he has no fear or feeling of weirdness when it is “going on” – just when he thinks about it later, and how odd it would be if he were to tell it to anyone. If it were not for the weeks of all the “events” outlined in previous posts, I would probably find his encounters pretty off the charts too. So we talked about that – how maybe all those events were a way of “paving the way” as it were for some more serious kind of communication. Except the question remains – what is it that our “entity” is trying to communicate? Let’s just say then that it IS a native American woman from the 1600’s, Unami tribe or Lenni Lenape, Delaware Indian, or whatever – what is it that she wants to convey? Have we disturbed something out back with the wall-work? Have we unearthed an ancient burial ground that must be restored or she will not rest? Have we desecrated a turtle shrine for a people that lived 400 years ago? It is all so difficult to fathom and understand. It IS trying to communicate with Bob – not a bad choice really, in that his background is archeology, linguistics and glyphic decipherment. Was that why he was “picked” – or did this house’s previous owners experience this too, and his shelves and collection of turtle objects was his own way of expressing his – his what? Experience? Interest? Personal communication? Could it be like Devil’s Tower in “Close Encounters”, and he was just sort of getting this weird feeling, this image, and it came out in his turtle collection? Has this been going on for years, or did it just start when the wall came down? It has not stopped since the wall is done. Our entity – she – is not resting. There is still something that it must convey. There is, however, I am learning, apparently a lot out there on the internet about the Lenni Lenape, the Unami, and its minor subdivisions, even the ones that lived in our Township. There are language translations. I don’t know how anybody knows this stuff, and it totally fascinates me that they do. I found the Lenape word for turtle today on the internet. I can’t even begin to imagine trying to dig that information up in pre-internet days. I can pretty much tell you that I would not have bothered, because inevitably it would have involved a trip to some obscure university library somewhere. So there are 2 sites that hold an awful lot of information about this stuff:

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