Event #34: Wed., March 3, 2010

When I talked to Bob from work tonight, he said he was lying in bed, and Joe had not yet joined him.
“Isn’t that unusual?” I asked.
“Yeah… by now he would have been on the bed”, responded Bob.
Joe literally can’t wait for Bob to be on the bed. As soon as Bob gets into bed, Joe is right there.
“Well, then where is he?” I asked, feeling a momentary sense of concern about where Joe was – could Joe have been harmed??
“Call him”, I said, “He’ll come out”.
So Bob called Joe. Once… twice… 3 times he called… and he came out – I don’t where from – under the bed? In my closet? But he was hiding, that was obvious. So I knew something had happened, or at least that “she” had been there. Bob couldn’t see anything out of place though. So I went up to our bedroom as soon as I got home. I did notice a couple of weird prints on the purple blanket that I guess could have been Joe, and then I started my usual check spots: Ducks in place. Remotes in place. Bureau – oh boy, the bureau. My farm animal figurines are all turned to face the bed. I noticed the angel first – then noticed the sheep, the cow and chicken are all looking at the bed, turned perfectly, all facing the same direction. And just this morning, I had arranged everything to be all facing straight out into the room. I guess that seems weird to her. To the right is the picture I took the next morning. Notice all the characters are facing left. I must make a comment about what is in the foreground on the bureau: the paper, the turtle and the pen. The turtle is one that we had – it’s pewter; I think it was my Mother’s. The paper and pen I put there for “her” – in case she could write something. OK, I know that’s weird, but what the heck, it’s worth a try.

So I continued to look around the room for things amiss. I always forget the closet in the bathroom until last. So I went in there, and yes, we have yet another daisy-chain heart (see picture to left).
I had left the bracelet straightened out in a line. And then – the most interesting thing, as if that isn’t enough.

After the piece of scrap paper the other day, when Bob jotted down the words: UNAMI, TURTLE?? and WATER, I’d left him a small blank notebook on his bedside table with a pen. This was just in case he had any more “communication” and didn’t feel like looking around for something to write on. AND — there were new words on it: “NUTTA”, or “NUTTAH”, and “WATER” – again the water, and one other term: “LONG HOUSE”. So she was “here” again, trying to communicate something new. I can’t wait to hear the explanation tomorrow morning. So I wrote Bob this email last night:

Nutta?? Nuttah? Her name? I left her a pen and some paper out too, she didn’t use it. I know why Joe was hiding — stuff moved. All the characters on my bureau are turned pointing at you in the bed. They were not that way this morning, because I arranged it all right before I left — and they were not like that. Also, the daisy bracelet is in a heart shape again. Different from the last heart, but a heart all the same. That’s all I noticed.
Tell me about the words — very interesting.


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