Event #35: Thurs., March 4, 2010

And Bob’s reply to me dated March 4, 2010:
I don’t know what to make of the word. It might be her name, but I got the impression it is a nick name. Very strong water image again also, still no clue. Nothing about turtles. I guess I learned that lesson, no need to review. Had a clear impression of a dwelling, bark and hides over stick frame, hole in top for smoke I assume. The name is important. Seems to be important to her that I understand it. Accent on second syllable. See if you can find any names. Btw, too late for me not to get freaked out. I am concerned where this is leading. Also, she was there at 2 this morning when you got up to go to the bathroom. Or maybe my meds were wearing off, time to up the prescription.

And then this is me back to Bob: Something woke me up around 1 AM: I think. I had a massive headache. And I felt like I was really sick. I had this heavy feeling all over – it was really unpleasant. I was still awake when you got up to pee, I don’t know when that was. I spent a good while listening to George Norry (Radio program). So where was she and how do you know she was there? What is different that you know that? I don’t feel sick this morning (so far), but at that point last night I sure felt awful. (now I’m starting to feel a little freaked out — I don’t think she likes me)

And Bob’s back to me: I don’t get the impression she doesn’t like you. Not at all. I can’t explain what makes me know she is there. It is almost like another sense. It is as sure as when you see some one or hear something. You have no doubt. See if you can find names, that seemed important to get through to my thick head. I am getting concerned that it is leading somewhere, not just casual conversation. I love you Wup, she will NOT harm you.

Me: I spent the day (around my working activities) reflecting about this. It was really odd to me to think that she was “there” when I got up. I had no sense of her being “there”. I have no sense of this at all. Except for the way I sometimes feel when I am laying in bed. Twice this has happened, once I felt that something had entered my psyche that was not my own. That was just plain weird – maybe it was “her” trying to communicate with me and I am just thicker at this than Bob (thinks that he is). And how do you work on or develop a sense to communicate with something you can’t see – something that doesn’t even really exist, but that has left such clear evidence – for lack of a better word – that it does? I have to say, that I don’t know what to make of all this. Bob sometimes feels that he is just going crazy – I haven’t had that feeling yet, but it is not in my head that all this communication is going on. I talked to Bob tonight about that – he said that the “conversations” are as if he has headphones on. So that’s how he “hears” it. WOW. What the hell else can you say? But again, it’s almost as if all the moving of things in the room was sort of a “prelude” to the actual communication. And what is that? Is it a real thing? Well, it has to be something. This seems to have opened up a portal – a way into a world that I think neither of us – and probably some of the few people we are sharing this with – could ever have fathomed. And yet it is happening. So there is something – something else in the world (or in SOME world) – something else that we don’t know about – that most people will NEVER know about – that we are privy to, and I consider this to be a privilege. I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s weird, and it’s abnormal, and it’s paranormal, and all of that – but given the choice of going through life and NEVER having experienced this and HAVING experienced it?? Well, I definitely would have chosen the latter.

It has been 3 weeks since Bob and I have met at our favorite craft-brew place for beers on Friday, after our long work week. Some of that is because of other obligations, and some is weather related. For instance, last Friday, I had a snow day. (Truckie can’t navigate 40 miles worth of roads in the snow). So – tomorrow I hope to have a beer-induced conversation about what happened this week. And I hope that I remember it. (I’ll take notes)


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