Event #36: Friday, March 5, 2010

We did meet for beers. (They have a bunch of great new ones on tap.) I continue to try to get more of a grasp on what is actually occurring with the “conversations”. Sometimes Bob freely talks about it, other times it’s like a taboo subject, so I just shut up. Then our daughter came and joined us, and that was that. We came home to another heart last night in the closet, and nothing else. The heart this time was similar to the heart last time. Remember earlier (Event No. 29) the conversation I had with Bob where he said he wasn’t forming those hearts? Well, I’ve only photographed the 3 that I have witnessed on the closet floor since then, but he said before that, there were about 3 or 4 other times where it occurred. And here I would like to insert the words Bob jotted down the other night – I guess that was March 3. I’ve included the photograph again that I took of the little notebook that I left him on his bedside table to write, if he had anymore “conversations”. And then last night when we were out, Bob had me take out some paper and a pen, and write this down, to the right. He was getting that the language was Algonquin, and that her name, nickname, or whatever the word was that she was trying to convey, may be related to the word “heart” and to the “heart” imagery that she has been leaving for us.


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