Event #37: Sunday, March 7, 2010

Joe was very unsettled tonight. We both noticed it. Bob came down from the bedroom and commented on Joe’s behavior, I went up to look around a bit later and he was still that way. But I could find nothing amiss. However, I thought Bob might have a visitor tonight. Later I went up to say goodnight, and I asked if anything at all seemed out of the ordinary.
“Well, there was this weird thing with my watch”, Bob said, as I looked around the room for anything out of place.
“Oh, what?” I asked anxiously.
“Well, I always put it right here”, he said as he indicated a little plate on our TV table, where Bob keeps his keys, pens, etc. A catch-all plate as it were. “And I was about to take it off, and set it on the plate. I was walking around the corner into the room thinking about doing this, and reached to my wrist to undo it. And it wasn’t on. I was immediately annoyed, because I knew I’d been wearing it; I’d looked at it when we were out tonight. So I was thinking it came off at dinner, or in the car… and then I turned the corner here, and noticed it was already on the plate. Laying there, like I’d actually removed it and put it there. Only I didn’t”.
“Huh”, says I. This reminded me of the incident with my pajama pants. Where I’m putting my stuff away, grab for my sweatshirt, and not only is the sweatshirt on the bed, but a pair of PJ pants that I hadn’t even had out, is on the bed too. Joe had finally settled down, and there are no words on the notepad this morning. But one more thing bears mentioning, and I have been noticing this a number of times: Joe’s water bowl. I don’t know why he would drag it across the floor or even move it at all. But I keep coming into the bathroom, where it normally sits under a plant we have in there, and the bowl has been moved out to the center, or at least towards the center of the small room. I don’t quite know what to make of that. It’s happened a few times, one of them being the time Bob came in during the night, and the bowl was over toward the sink, and the 2 bathroom rugs were all bunched up.


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