March 7, 2010

Bob has a really interesting theory about “what is going on”. I am buying into it, because in a weird multiple-universe/ parallel universe kind of physics, this might actually make sense. I listen to enough of George Noory on the late-night radio and interviews with Michio Kaku to know that this is something being researched, and wow – how cool that it might be going on right in our OWN BACK YARD. Bob will write something later about what his theory is. Roughly (and I can’t write this myself because I just don’t know enough about it, just in a VERY general way at best) but roughly, he thinks that both cultures – our 21st century culture and her 16th century Lenape Indian culture are living in parallel. She is there now, living her life. She is not a ghost. She is somehow – and this part is not clear – but somehow she is able to make the crossover, and enter into our timeline. The two timelines coexist. Is that possible? I think there is a theory that it is possible. It seems here that the theory might be real. Rather than a straight line of time, I’ve begun to understand that time might meander and curve back on itself. Picture a river that meanders right and left like a zig-zag, and sometimes curves back against itself far enough to actually almost touch another part of it. If we are along that “river” of time; we, meaning us in the 21st century here, and she is on the river of time in the late 1500’s, perhaps early 1600’s and we are in exactly the same place geographically… do you think it might be possible that with a short “jump” through time, you could traverse both times? Could it have been the pounding on the creek bed by the machinery? I don’t think I quite explained well enough how completely loud and vibrating that was when they pounded those 6 foot panels into the creek with that machine, and only 1-2 feet of them were showing when they were done. There seems to be a direct parallel between the date that began, and the step-up in activity. For instance, this picture to the above left of the panels being driven into the creek was taken the very same day that the picture was taken of the remotes on the back of the bureau, from way back there in event #2. The bedroom window is on the top floor of the part of the house showing there. In that picture, I’ve circled in yellow one of the panels being placed. He would lift them over with the excavator bucket and a chain, and then come back with the pounding tip and just ram:ram:ram repeatedly, until they went in as far as he could get them to go. That’s what is happening in the picture to the right, and I’ve circled in yellow the tip of the excavator that is waiting while one of the crew positions the panel properly, and then the ramming will start, as it’s forced in, vibrating through all the rock. By the way, this technique finally worked – it DID control the water, unlike the temporary fabric dam that they had initially tried. They used pumps to keep any seepage away from the work area. I think I mentioned those pumps in a previous incident, when I heard something coming from outside that I couldn’t explain. In this case, I needn’t have worried. But getting back to time… imagine the implications of what might be happening here. My mind needs to grasp the import of it. The possibility of it. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I don’t get it — but I sort of want to believe it is possible and that it is what is happening.


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