Event #38 : Monday, March 8, 2010

Oh, man. Bob called me at work, and said Joe was cowering downstairs, and wouldn’t even come up to the bedroom. Of course I asked if anything looked out of place, yet he had found nothing amiss. I thought this odd, but later, while we were still on the phone, he called Joe about 10 times and he finally came upstairs. All the way home from work I was thinking about this, and I had the sensation that something had definitely happened. I would have said I was 100% sure that something had happened. So I get up there, and Bob and Joe are both sleeping. TV off. Nothing amiss on my bureau – ducks in place, remotes in place. However… as my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room, I noticed there was a lot of writing on Bob’s little notebook. I ran it downstairs to my computer room and scanned the page. Here it is, to the right. My assessment of what all this means, before I get Bob’s email tomorrow morning is that of course it means “she” visited again. No more moving stuff, I guess; she now has our attention, and we’re “getting it”. I think… sort of… getting it. So as far as the content of what that says: Nuttah, our visitor, is 21-22 years old. She has long hair. They live on the same spot that is where we live. It was then all wooded. There is this weird description there about the men and how they look – bald with a small patch of hair. Was that the “style”? Then, the water thing. I know that every time she has “communicated”, there has been an element about water. Bob kept picking it up as a fear of the water. She was afraid OF the water. I’m guessing that it’s not that – she is afraid FOR the water. Bob writes, “Not fear of water, fear for water. Got it”. Is this a message from the past to the future? Protect the water? Is she trying to convey that we are destroying it? Or did she pick up destruction from all the massive (and potentially destructive) equipment that was here? Well, I will email Bob tonight asking about what he wrote, and await his response tomorrow morning.

Here is my email to Bob:
I found nothing amiss in the room, except that I saw you had a “visitor”. I scanned the notebook page and put it back (in case you need to write more). Sounds very interesting, but I’ll let you elaborate on what you wrote, which, as best as I can interpret is this:
The first word, I can’t really read. Looks like “METEING”, or “METEINC”, but was it supposed to be “MEETING”?
Then – NUTTAH.
Not fear of water
fear for water — got it
2 long houses on property
all trees long hair
men seem bald. sm. patch
on head
fuckin’ crazy
(I’m guessing the last phrase was your editorial).
I’ll be waiting with baited breath! — hope your Blackberry works today.
I love you,


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