Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And this morning I received this reply from Bob:

I actually had 2 “occurrences”, one before I spoke to you, just didn’t want to acknowledge it at the time. Second happened before I fell asleep, right around 9 o’clock. I am already having trouble remembering some things. I got the heart thing correct but there is a twist to that, trying to sort out. It is important to her that I get it. Good luck. I wish she would just speak English. Maybe I should change my meds.
I misunderstood, apparently about the water, that is why it kept being brought up. She does not fear the water, on the contrary, she protects it, that is why when I said it was done (the wall) there was a sense of relief.
The word I scrawled was done in the first occurrence, it refers to Nuttah in her capacity within the clan. Beyond that I am not clear, I think it ends in a “u”.
There were two longhouses that housed about 21-22 people. They were further back, I think close to where the neighbor across the street has his outbuilding. It is hard to tell; creek was much larger and terrain was different. Trees were much larger.
Men had a sort of mohawk looking hairstyle. Women long braided hair.
Ok, enough for the moment. Feeling kind of altered the more I dwell on it. Not too cool.

So, now that I knew how the word was properly spelled: “METEINU”, I did a search on that, and wrote this to Bob:
Wow, that’s wild. So she was there when Joe was all freaked out. Maybe she was impatiently waiting for you to arrive?

Whoa — this is more wild than finding out that Nuttah and heart were related. Now that I know it is a “U” (Meteinu), I researched that and found only one instance (so far). However, it is really all we need, because it says IT ALL. This is actually an excerpt from a novel, called: “New York: The Novel”, which covers New York from 1664. And here is the excerpt:

“Until that terrible spring, three years ago, when he arrived at the village and learned that Pale Feather’s mother was sick. “She was in the sweat lodge yesterday,” they told him, “but it did no good. Now the medicine men are with her.” He knew their customs. Even for a severe fever, an Indian would retire to a little cabin heated with red-hot stones until it was like an oven. Sitting there until he was pouring with sweat, the sick one would emerge, plunge into the cold river, then wrap himself in a blanket and dry out by the fire. The treatment often worked. If not, there were the medicine men, skilled with herbs. As van Dyck approached the house where she lay, an old man had come out.
“Only the meteinu can help her now,” the old fellow said sadly. The meteinu had skills beyond the ordinary medicine men. They communed with the spirit world and knew the secret spells.

Also, that reference above to Sweat Lodge is interesting. I found this also:

“One of the more important structures in any Lenape settlement was the sweat lodge or pimewakan, used for ritual, cleaning, and curing all manner of sickness. In use, one would enter the small hut where red-hot stones had been gathered. Water poured on these stones produced steam that would surround the person and cause sweating. After a time, when it was believed that the sickness or evil had been sweated out of the body, the individual would plunge into a nearby stream or be doused with cold water to close the pores. Wrapped in blankets, the person would then lie by a fire to dry and rest.

The meteinu or medew, in addition to being familiar with the properties of herbs, plants, barks and roots also claimed to know how to deal with witchcraft and other occult practices. It was believed that meteinu could cure illnesses of supernatural origin and could chase away evil spirits. Both types of medical practitioners usually started their professions as a result of dreams or visions.

So Nuttah is the Meteinu of the tribe. I’m wondering if maybe we are on the place where the sweat lodge was – close to the creek. Or some sacred space that got disturbed?

So tonight I talked to Mark and asked more about what went on last night. I made some notes about what he said.

“Last night I saw (I “was shown”) very clearly an encampment. The area is not flat, like it is now. There is a slight gradient going up from the creek – it is VERY wooded, and the trees are HUGE. Much bigger than anything we have here now. There were 2 long houses, approximately where the neighbor’s garage is, close to what is now our road. There were about 21-22 people milling around. The men are all strong as hell. The creek was much bigger; if our house had been there, it would have been IN the creek, at least the back end of it. Close to the water there is a sweat lodge – or I’m guessing that is what it is. It’s a small little “hut”, shaped like a thimble. It is made of bark and animal skins. I could see all that, like I was there. She was showing me something, and it was very important to her. There is something that she wants me to ‘get’; something that is significant to her that I have not gotten yet. It has to do with the nickname: Nuttah. There is more to it, more than just her name”.


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