Event #39: Thurs., March 11, 2010

Without a doubt, this is the most interesting day yet. That’s pretty hard to believe, given all these previous posts, but you’ll see why. I talked to Bob from work, and he told me that something in the room had “moved”. It’s unusual for Bob to even notice that, and I also thought that it meant there would definitely be some “activity” later. I asked him what had moved, and he said it was the figures on the dresser. He noticed that they were all pointing at him. And sure enough, here they are, as they were one other time, all turned to look at Bob. We have a cow, angel, sheep, chicken, frog and turtle all turned to look at Bob as he lays in bed. When I analyzed this picture later, I noticed that not only did ALL the animals in the picture move, including the fabric frog, but also the alto recorder, which is the darker one in the front, for the first time, slid toward the bed. And above is a picture of what I came home to on the dresser. This angle would be Bob’s  view from the bed, they all appear to be staring at him. And there was also another heart made with the daisy-bracelet in the closet. And another set of prints on the purple blanket, looking toward the new fence, and the creek beyond it. The fence sits atop the new finished wall.

Okay, but you’re probably thinking, “What is so interesting about that, all that has happened before”. And you would be correct; all that has happened before. But there was also something in the notebook, which contained the following words, written like this, and it’s pictured to the right:

I’ve re-typed it here, in case it’s hard to read Bob’s writing:

The import of this note, and why it is so significant will be in the next post.


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