Friday, March 12, 2010

It took me awhile on the internet last night, but then I found some Lenape language lessons and found this:

nux (noox) = my father
nichan (nee-chahn) = my child; my daughter

And I’ll copy into here the emails that we exchanged today. This was mine to Bob that Thursday night around midnight, after I’d surveyed the bedroom:

“Wow. Here are your words. Took me awhile to find this, but I found some Lenape language lesson documents. This is from Level 1, Lesson 20, but 2 of the words you wrote are here. Nux is father, nichan is child or daughter. This all came from a pdf on this site:

Actually, that site “” has figured into some of the other research.  So — Father – daughter — what do you think she is trying to say? What was the context? And yes, all the animals moved facing you, and there was another signature heart with the daisy bracelet in the closet. Good grief. Geez, this is freakin’ fascinating. I suspect you don’t think so today.

And then Bob’s email back to me:
“I knew what it meant when she said it. I knew this was leading somewhere, it has too many implications for my life. I am trying not to consider them. I need some lessons from my boss on how to just stick your head in the sand and ignore stuff. I saw and understood more than I have to date. We sat by our creek. I have had enough. I need a break. Btw, the “nux” is pronounced with a hard exhaling sound for the “x”. She pointed at me when she said it. Several times.

It is no accident that we live where we live.

That last comment is haunting. We did not have a chance to really talk about this until Friday night at our Friday-after-work beer place. And that was brief at best, because we were chatting with another couple most of the time. (Not about this).  Bob pronounced the word “nux” to me a couple of times, and it is pronounced very oddly. It is just not the way our language works at all, and yet he was able to say it. It sounded very foreign:

    Pronunciation of \"nux\"

The gist of this was that she very clearly conveyed to him “My Father”, pointing at him, numerous times. They sat at the creek. She was extremely sad. He felt sadness for her sadness. He has passed – and now lives 400 years in the future?? And she has found a way to find him? Well, it makes him question every move – every decision, he has made for his entire life. Was he BROUGHT here? Were we directed here by fate? And looking back at the decisions that were made, over time; could this have been the subtle over-riding reason for these decisions for the last 30 years? Or 54 years? Was all this by DESIGN? This totally blew our minds. We kind of had to distance ourselves from it for the weekend. I’m now writing this later on Sunday night, and there was no “activity” this weekend. I think we really needed a break from it – especially Bob. He knows, however, that there will be more. That this is going somewhere. Where that is, we do not know… He did find out that the nickname “Nuttah”, had been his nickname for her, which was why it was so meaningful to her, and why she has conveyed the heart imagery over and over with the bracelet. I noticed this weekend and pointed out to Bob that maybe even the ducks were significant images – the way they had moved over the weeks. First, 2 of the young were simply turned around from the lead duck. Then they were moved further away. Then, they moved even FURTHER away, to the point they could move no more. And what was left was the original lead duck with one baby trailing. Was that meant to convey something? We are learning as we go…
Wait a minute… “We sat at the creek.”?????


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