Event #40: Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight, I again came home to some words on the notepad. This time he wrote: “she wa nux”. I looked that up on the site I am now using as a resource all the time, and I found the translation on this page:


Here, I have copied it:
English: This is my father.
Lenape: Shè wa nux.

And next to this was a little “audio link” and I could click that and listen to how that sounds pronounced. In our English, these words are very hard. It is not what you think. Nux is hard to say, it is not like we would pronounce anything at all. Very hard “chs” pronunciation at the end, more like an exhalation of air. But it was the translation that was so intriguing; how was it used, I wondered?

I wrote this email to Mark:
“Here is the translation, but I guess you already know this. The only weird thing amiss in the room was this VERY odd print on the blanket. I’ll take a picture in the morning.

English: This is my father.
Lenape: Shè wa nux

whoa. That phrase, by the way, where I found it, has a little audio thing you can click next to it to hear how it sounds. And I don’t know HOW you get the spelling right, when I listen to that. Sounds NOTHING like it’s spelled.


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