Monday, March 16, 2010

And then here was Bob’s  email back to me this morning:

“Yes, I pretty much knew I was being introduced. Happened about 5 minutes after I called you the second time. Only thing different was that this time Joey jumped up and went to the end of the bed and stared, not scared, more like interested.
I am beginning to understand I cannot move from the space I am in, which appears to mean we are sleeping very near where the creek edge was 400 years ago. I was introduced to two elderly men. They sort of acknowledged it/me with a hand gesture and some words I cannot possibly recall. Did you say you found a site with audio of the language? Very hard to pronounce and remember.
Enough of this. It is getting too weird the following day after it happens. Too disorienting.”

I found out more later from Bob when we talked tonight. He was brought to the creek again. He was being introduced to some “elders”.  They were older Lenape men that Nuttah has a lot of respect for. It is night. Bob can see the glow of fires in the long houses. He can see this through the trees, because it is winter. It is exactly the season and the time of day that we are currently in now. When he goes there it is night there, and it is night here. And there are no leaves on the trees. If there were, he says he would not be able to see the long houses, they would be obscured. And what is Joe doing? (the cat). That night, Bob said Joe walked to the end of the bed, and sat, looking, in the direction of where she (Nuttah) would be. His head was going up and down as if he was following something. Joe can see her? Joe has, at times, bolted off the bed, sat there alert, alarmed, and vocalizing as if he does not know what to make of what he is witnessing (who would?), and then this time, just observing. But what does he see??? What would happen if we brought one of the dogs in? Tonight, (Tues. March 16), Bob had a break from the activity. I think we need a break. Oh, I forgot to photograph that print on the blanket. I can think of nothing that would have caused it. I’ll get it in the morning. I need natural daylight, not the flash.


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