Event #41: Monday, March 21, 2010

There was nothing all week. Bob had a needed break. Until today. It is now Sunday, March 21, 2010, and we think we did something to spark some activity. We brought some new furniture into the room. I’d found a dresser and 2 bedside tables on Craig’s List, and we went and picked them up on Saturday.  Only we were both too pooped to try to get the 9-drawer dresser up the steps. Our steps don’t go straight up, that would have been easy;  they have a sharp turn. So we left the dresser for today (not without joking that maybe Nuttah could move it up the stairs for us) and got it up there this afternoon. Then we were busy doing yard work and stuff, and Bob had gone up to get the old furniture out of the room. I went to check things out to see how it all looked.
“Did you put this cow here?” I asked?
The cow figurine from the old dresser was now on the new dresser, in a rather odd spot. I knew I didn’t do it. Bob kept asking me if I was sure I didn’t do it, and I know I hadn’t. He hadn’t either. So I looked around for anything else. And something else had moved. It was the ducks again. The two that I had left at the far end, where they’d been slid down ‘til they almost fell off the closet top, were now turned slightly inward toward the leading two ducks, and also moved slightly to the right.

Bob and I have spent quite a bit of time this week talking about the events of last week. This is a particularly interesting turn, and I’ve asked him if he thinks it will continue. He is almost certain that there is more; that this is just the beginning. We are basically nowhere  with trying to figure out WHAT is happening, we just know that something is. A lot of speculation is going on. I keep prodding Bob to try to write something himself, especially about the time-travel part of the mystery. He is too busy most of the time, and a little too on edge about it still. He did contact a woman that he heard as a guest on the radio program “Coast to Coast AM”. Her name is Sandra Ingerman. She spoke about something that sounded similar to what Bob was going through. Her webmaster responded, and we are supposed to send this journal.


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