March 23, 2010

My email to Bob: It looks like last night was eventful! I clicked on the audio when I found the translation to “nshielintam”.  And in your notes, you wrote it numerous times, until you finally got the “N”. Does she let you know you are spelling it wrong? Cause in that audio, I can’t pick up that “N” at ALL. I could not find anything on the “ktaholël“, even trying it as two words. Was there some contextual clue? This is what you wrote:
nuxati ktaholël nshielintam
If it was just:
nuxati nshielintam,
It would have meant:
Father Dear, I am sad
I also looked up “Kechi”, maybe “how many”?
Fascinating. We need a smarter animal than Joe hanging out in there.

And then Bob’s email back to me:

“It was unbelievably emotionally draining last night. Part/most took place in the room. I can’t believe I went to sleep so quickly afterward, Nuttah must do something to me to allow me to sleep.

The “ktaholël” was, as best I remember, a phrase in context of the rest. It was very emotional, I felt such sorrow, like I have never felt, almost crying writing this. The Ketchi had a “T” in it and it seems to be a name, pointing at me, sort of a nick name, I believe. She said other things but it was all I could do to get this, and this seemed extremely important to her. Geez, the sadness is overwhelming. I’ll try to remember some more. Writing this in bits and pieces as I have time, so if it sounds more disjointed then normal that is why. I am in lala land today as much as the first time it happened. UNBELIEVABLE.
She did visit Kate that night too. She wanted to communicate, but couldn’t or wouldn’t out of fear she was going to scare her too much, can’t imagine why it would scare her?!
The water is important to her and apparently has something to do with me, not sure how I know this, way too much info last night, almost as though her emotion made her lose control of the limits of what I could take in. The Ktaholeh phrase was repeated many times as were the others, also emotional and important enough for her to stay and make sure I got it right, which is somehow done by ME interpreting the sounds as I write and repeating them back to her. That is how I do it, I understood that last night. What a flood of information and emotion! Enough for now.

I wrote a follow up email to that one:
“Wow, interesting night last night. How did she communicate that she’d visited Kate? That’s really curious. I don’t remember exactly when that was – but it was definitely before all this other stuff, and (I think?) after the work had started. Is she curious about Kate because she is also your daughter? Had she been there first? (to see Kate) Were you in her environment at all last night, or just the bedroom? When you repeat back to her, are you saying it out loud? I still don’t know how you got the “N” in front of that phrase, I can’t hear that pronounced at all in the audio. Does she correct you like a teacher? You mentioned the water again, and your role. Maybe it has something to do with putting the fish in the creek and taking care of them and protecting them from others. Maybe that was also her father’s role? This is all very interesting. From my research last night I still have 12 tabs open in my browser from all the sites I explored trying to find information about what you wrote. Two of the words came up right away because your spelling was right on. If you don’t have time to text all this, you can tell me tonight and I’ll take notes. Sorry it was so draining on you! Wonder how Kate would take it.


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