March 26, 2010

A notable event, even though I can’t remember the date now: My truck broke down on the way to work. It just died, and I felt it happening, so fortunately I had pulled off into a parking lot.  First call was to the mechanic that had just inspected the truck, and we’d paid a lot of money for it to pass. And as I’m talking to the mechanic, someone is trying to call me. I ignored it because I figured I could retrieve whoever it was when I finished talking, which I needed to do because of breaking down. Next, I was going to call AAA, but I checked to see who had called me first. It had been Bob. So I called him to see what was up. He rarely, if ever, calls me in the morning, so I was a little concerned. After I told him what was going on with the truck, I wondered, “what made you call me?” And the answer was a surprise: “I had this odd feeling that something was wrong.”


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