Event #44: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tonight I came home from work to more words on the notepad; see right. I then wrote this email to Bob:

“Kitchi (is that your name? nickname?) You are “nux”, but is Kitchi your official name? I like it. It’s “catchy”, so to speak.  See translations below.

Lenape: Alëwi ki kuwatu.
English: You know more

Lenape: Sipunk atàm
English: Let us go to the creek

I’m dying to know – did you GO to the creek? What did you see this time? What about the “you know more”? Wow — it continues. Nothing was moved. I guess she is past that now.”

Bob is even beginning to get the accent marks right when he writes the language. I am dying to know about the “Let us go to the creek” phrase. And the reference to sign language.


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