Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tonight we spoke about the events of the previous night. And Bob does know what his connection is to the water, and why it makes Nuttah so sad.

You know more — “Alëwi ki kuwatu”

And once this is acknowledged,  it becomes obvious how completely sad and awful this was for Nuttah, and it explains a lot about the events that led to now. Kitchi, the father (nuxati, Bob) was the victim of a drowning. But to make it worse, he drowned saving Nuttah from drowning. He drowned in the creek here; in a spring freshet. She was messing around, doing something she was told not to do, or something knowingly dangerous that she knew she should not do, and got into trouble. He went in to save her, which he did, but in the process, he was swept away and drowned. Her sadness and her extreme guilt over this have brought her forth to our century. There is a lot to pull together here. A lot I am having trouble wrapping my brain around, but it all makes a sort of sense. The wall – the water – the breaking down of the wall. It’s too much, it’s too much to think about. Bob can’t really even talk about it yet. It makes him very sad to think about her losing him. And here is another thought: Nuttah is a young woman. Bob estimates her to be in her teens.  And she is the “meteinu” of her tribe. She is in the beginning stages of her life and her expertise. She has an extreme talent. She will only get better at it…


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