Event #46: Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bob called me at work tonight and he sounded very depressed and disturbed.
I knew that something had happened, but I couldn’t – he wouldn’t let me – ask in a direct way. It did not come out until later:

“Well, I had been outside with the dogs”, he explained. “We had been down in the creek, and they’d all gone in for a brief swim. And I came up around the wall and over the deck, and had just stepped down into the garden area, and Duke and Wobbles got distracted by something up in the bedroom window. They were both looking in that direction, and Duke started his ‘talking’; he was whining like he was concerned about something. And almost as soon as I looked up toward the bedroom window, before I could even see what it was they were looking at, it was like “WHAM”; there we are now down at the creek: me, Duke and Wobbles, but it is in her time. And I don’t even have to have you look up the phrase, I know what it means. It was very clear. But try looking up; ‘come with us’.”

So I did, on talk-lenape.org and there was nothing. I kept trying other ways to say that; join us, come with, come here, and then finally found it:

English: you stay with us
Lenape: witaeminèn

And that was the word he had heard: “WITAEMINEN”. I had a lot of questions. This was the first time “it” had happened outside, and the first time others besides Bob were involved, even if the others were dogs. I wanted to know how the dogs had behaved. He said fine, they were just being their normal selves. He said that they did not have their collars on when they were “there”. Where did the collars go? What is Bob wearing? He could describe where he was in relation to the house, but the house of course is not there in “her time”. The dogs more or less took it in stride. I asked Bob how he responded to this request – “you stay with us”… what did you say to them?

“Well, I can’t really ‘say’ anything. I have to think it. And I thought,
‘I can’t’.”

“How long did this go on?” I wondered.

“In that time it seemed like it would have been about 20 min. to ½ hour. But in ‘our’ time it could have only been a split second for all I know. It was Nuttah and the same 2 elders that are usually there.”

“How did the dogs act when you ‘came back’?”

“Well, they seemed unnerved by it, sort of; not like I am, because they got over it a lot faster. I still haven’t gotten over it.”

“What about Stupey?” I wondered, as we have three dogs, and she was the one that didn’t ‘go’. “What was she doing while being left behind?”

“She was just laying there like nothing at all had happened.” Bob answered.

“Well, what about them – the other dogs – was she sniffing them, like they’d just returned from a place with new strange smells??”

“No, nothing different – she seemed oblivious.”

So they want Bob to come back with them. Hence my haste in getting up to the bedroom when I finally got home. I didn’t (and don’t) know what to expect at any given time with any of this. I went immediately to the notebook on Bob’s side of the bed to see if there was anything new. And there was something – and I couldn’t really see what it was; it looked like a big scribble. I picked up the notebook and whatever it was dropped off onto the floor and rolled under the bed. But I knew what it was, because it was missing from the bureau — it was that little silver heart charm. She had left him a “symbol”. I will have to look for the charm tomorrow on the floor where it rolled. I thought about the heart theme, and remembered that my dream included one of the “heart” doctors, and I woke up with a “grip around my heart”. I have another heart-charm, and it was in a drawer in the bureau. I took it out and placed it on the bureau top and now – I go see if anything else has moved.


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