Event #47: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My email the next morning to Bob:
So I came up to the bedroom last night (actually to check on you), and there was something on the notebook. I thought it was a scribble or an image or something, but when I picked up the book it fell off. I think I woke you up doing this. It was the heart charm from the dresser. I tried to write up what happened outside with the dogs, but I don’t think I can do it justice. I think it’s clearly a case of “you had to be there”. Then last night I woke up and you were fiddling with the metal blinds behind the bed — what was that about? Oh also, one more thing. (you can tell I slept pretty fitfully). When you got up (for good), you had gone in the bathroom, but I had to turn and check that you did, because there were footsteps in the room. Loud ones. Did you get any sense of her there?

And then Bob’s reply to me:
Yes, I knew about the charm last night. I was fiddling with the blinds because I woke to a loud pounding, I thought someone was knocking on the front door. But you can’t see anything from any of our windows. I can’t even see your truck at night through the side window.
She was there this morning when I got in the shower and still present when I left. She apparently just wants to be around, unlike our other daughter. I’m trying not to dwell on last night, I am a bit freaked by what occurred, not feeling like I am living up to the name I am being called. More like “Crazy Horse” would be appropriate.
Feel worse today then I have all week, naturally it is my hardest day of the week.

And my email back to Bob:
Did she put the charm there when you were out? Or when you came back to the room? Were you awake when it happened? I’m curious about her being there this morning. I thought what I heard were steps — in fact I knew I heard steps (they were kind of heavy sounding), but I thought it was you, however you were in the shower. I looked, and Joe was looking too, but he just sat there. Almost like he’s used to it now. You don’t have any negative thoughts at all about leaving me alone while she’s there? Do you think the loud pounding was her? I’m curious that you didn’t get up to look around.
Sorry about your miserable week. I hope that is not being engineered by unseen forces. Leann said we should “get the hell out of dodge”, but I have this feeling it won’t make any difference.

And Bob to me: Charm was there when I came upstairs. I don’t have any more fear of leaving with her there than I do leaving with Kate there, maybe less. Why does Leann say get out? I thought she thinks it is a brain tumor ( an awesome tumor, as she put it ). The pounding outside was NOT her. No idea what it was. Feeling overwhelmed by everything at the moment, everything here more than there.


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