Event #48: Monday, April 12, 2010

Bob wrote this email to me this morning:
I heard you get up at 3:30, heard a bunch of other stuff in the room too, were you aware of it? I did try to communicate that you were interested in a minor excursion. There was no communication, just her presence so I don’t know if I was getting through. She was still there when I left. Did you have any sense of it?

And mine to Bob:
hmmmmm….. not sure I was aware of it then. I was aware of something when I first was trying to fall asleep — I think she might have been there then too. I get this odd feeling, and I had it then. What were the noises you heard when I got up? I remember doing that — then I was up for a good bit after that, I was having trouble hearing the radio, but I didn’t really hear anything else except the creek. What noises did I miss? I seem to be pitifully unaware when she is there, I wonder if she can control who senses her, or who she reveals herself to. In retrospect, did you sense her when things were just being moved around the room? Like that day the remotes kept popping up here and there?

And Bob’s response:
There was quite a bit of walking around in the room and on the stairs last night. I wasn’t aware [of it] when stuff was being moved around. I guess the first time was when I heard the footsteps coming towards me and I rolled over and went to sleep.

Now me just narrating: So the bottom line is that she was there last night with both of us, and just made a lot of noise. Bob said it sounded like furniture was being moved in. We joked about bumping into some unseen piece of it on the way to the bathroom or tripping over stuff we can’t see. Other than that, little objects are not moving around so much in the room any more, and only about once a week or so does she come to communicate with Bob. Which is really a good thing, because it does take quite some time to try to “process” all this information. I put that in quotes because we’re barely at the tip of “processing”; we are more or less just recording what is happening, without the remotest idea what that is. I’m somewhat closer to knowing the direction I might take in terms of trying to research what this is; and that would be time travel. Parallel worlds. Multi-universes. Subjects too big and daunting to try to think about tonight. I have to figure out how to start in a very small way. Bob has “asked” Nuttah to invite me along for a look. He thinks I would really like it there then.


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