Event #49: Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Being Tuesday, I almost expected to come home tonight to something in the notebook. But there is nothing. I still check the room first thing when I get home. I just N E V E R know what to expect. Who would at this point? Bob did tell me on the phone tonight, that twice he went up to the front bedrooms to check on footsteps, walking, and noises. He said it was pretty loud and pretty obvious. This was while he was having dinner, and doing all the stuff he does when he first gets home that keep him in the front of the house. I almost have a mind to ask Kate to go up and see if anything is amiss in her room, but if it is, I’m sure it will not be long before she notices. There is one other thing that I haven’t really had a chance to elaborate on yet. Over the weekend, we had occasion to talk about these things a couple of times. It was a fairly relaxed weekend, and I had dragged Bob over with me on a walk to my favorite local wildflower area to hang out while I took some new shots of the Trout Lily’s that are up now, some Spring Beauty, the violets, and the grape hyacinths, all growing at the moment in great numbers. However, they are ephemerals, and will all be gone shortly. We sat for a bit by the creek and I often don’t know if I should bring “this” up, as sometimes I think Bob would really just rather not think about it when he doesn’t have to. But I thought it was a good time. I wanted to know what else he was “getting” from his “conversations” that weren’t really being imparted by language, but by sounds, gestures, sign language, or maybe just images. Mind images. So it turns out that is happening. We were talking about the actual drowning, the event that probably started this all.

“Do you have any idea how it happened?”

Up to this point, all that he had said was that he knew he had drowned saving her. And it turns out he does know. Some of it anyway. He was able to grab her and hand her to another man, who pulled her to safety. He was clinging to a branch and the branch gave way. We do know how the creek gets going when it gets full. A man is just no match at all to the power of the creek. If you get swept up in it, you’re going with it. And it was a much larger body of water 400 years ago than it is now. That is all I know. Images, mind pictures, communicated by her and those with her may be the best way to communicate, because it seems it is easier to pick up on them than the actual language, which we are simply not wired to understand.


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