Event #50: Wed., April 14, 2010

2 Heart-charms and Angel (Nuttah) pointed toward Bob in bed

Bob called me at work tonight and said he’d seen the glowing light again in the window. He said it was still pretty light outside, but he could still discern a light. And driving home, I was thinking about what I might be walking into in the bedroom – more writing? But no – it wasn’t. There was something else. Tomorrow morning I will take a picture. The 2 heart charms I’d left out a bit ago on the dresser are both turned toward Bob (where he would be laying in the bed) and the little angel that they sat in front of is also turned toward Bob. The way it seems to look is that the angel is Nuttah, or that she is using the angel to represent herself.  The 2 hearts are lined up to point at Bob. I’ve included a picture in this post. The yellow arrow that I added points to the bed. And the red circles are around each of the 2 hearts, with their tips pointed toward the bed also. Notice the cow and sheep have not moved. This is also a different bureau surface; it’s the new one we got (used) on Craig’s List. And then on my side of the bed, the pewter turtle is turned to point at Bob. I couldn’t find anything else. You know, I just had an interesting thought. We know so much by now, I’m surprised that I didn’t think of this earlier. Why don’t we leave out little objects that she can make into scenes? Maybe a set of small dolls representing a family? Do I have any of this stuff anywhere? No – nothing like that. We could leave some things for her to build a sort of “diorama”. I could even make some paper cutouts. Who knows what we might come home to… but it does seem like she has worked with the objects in the room to convey some pretty interesting imagery and thoughts, at least that we have noticed recently. Not all of it was that way; I’m pretty sure some of it was strictly for attention-getting. But sometimes, like the heart-bracelet in the closet, and the animals on the dresser, and the ducks, and the little angel, and now the 2 heart charms – all have been used by her to convey something. So here is my thought. I fleshed this out today talking about it to Roberta  & Marianne. They thought it was a good idea too. I would make paper dolls of all our family members. Then, I could go on the internet and find some pictures like this one to the right, and try to make some that represent Nuttah’s people.  Oh well, it’s worth a try.


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