Event #51: Thursday, April 15, 2010

The events of today will be conveyed by the emails that morning back and forth:

Bobs email to me:
I heard a very loud noise this morning while in the kitchen, loud enough for me to delay leaving and check every room in the front of the house. Sounded like it came from the direction of the laundry area. I found nothing, but it kind of unnerved me. I was hesitant to leave, but obviously, I did. Let me know that all is well on the western front as early as possible. I did see the odd light in the bedroom while with the puppies last night, but didn’t see anything out of place or leave last night. Whatever, that stuff no longer phases me. Stuff in the front of house is different.

Nuttah represented by the angel figure -- with hearts lined up to point at Bob

And my email back to Bob:
Everything seems OK, but I left the front of the house to come upstairs early last night (11:30-ish), cause I had to keep turning around to check out noises coming from behind me that were unnerving. She did leave you a little trail on the dresser by the way. I’ll attach a picture as soon as I get one. [Picture included to the right] She turned the little girl-angel to face you, and put the 2 heart charms in front of the girl pointing at you. She put the pewter turtle on my bedside stand pointing at you too. Or at least pointing at the bed. If the noise you heard was in the direction of laundry area, was it upstairs or downstairs? Did you check upstairs too? I can’t find anything amiss, just that minor movement in our room. Although it does seem like she has expanded territory.

Pewter Turtle sits on side-table pointing at bed - that's the purple blanket on the bed

And then Bob’s back to me:

The noise this morning seemed to come from laundry area but I checked upstairs everywhere but in the crawl space, which is where I should have checked. I was trying to stay where I could get downstairs quickly if I heard anything move down there. I don’t think the front has anything to do with Nuttah. I think it might be an animal.

And yet, later in the morning when I had time, I checked the crawl space myself, which, thankfully, is now basically empty, as the piles of old clothing have made it out to the thrift store, and all the junk is now staged in the basement for the pending garage sale. When I was doing that clean-out, I had vacuumed up volumes of mouse droppings. Nothing else, just mice, that I could determine. And there was plenty of evidence of mouse-nesting, as many of the woolens up there were destroyed for fragments of material to make the nests. I had also looked around pretty carefully for any evidence of entry from the outside. Two people in the house have now described the loud noise that comes from the crawl space; Kate and Bob. And yet there is no evidence of any new animal droppings, and there does not appear to be anywhere where something as large as what they describe is making the sound could enter that area. It would have to be something on at least the size-level of a raccoon. And there is nowhere that something that big is getting in.


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