Event #52: Friday, April 16, 2010

Bob’s email to me this morning:
Well, it happened, I think. Really losing track of reality I am afraid. It was while you were there, sometime between 1:30 and 3, I think. “Nuxa, ktaholel, witayminen” not sure of the spelling but it is in my head and won’t go away and I know what it means. New twist, and it shows that nothing Nuttah does is without purpose or meaning, unless I am dreaming all this, really out of it today, more than ever. Even holding this thing seems strange. Writing this in bits as I have time, while I do my meaningless nonsense. Two new characters were introduced to me, which I now understand why only Wobbles and Dukey came with last time. From the area by the long houses came running 2 animals they both just came bounding up to me and jumped and licked me, just like our puppies, well except Stupe. Temay, Tamay, Teme, Temmay, something like that, accent on the first syllable, doesn’t matter, I know what they are and they were glad to see me. Two wolves, apparently mine, it was also an unusual thing to have them. Not clear how I know that, but it is not a normal relationship. They were not pets in the way we have pets, more like friends, I may have left the program with this one.

While they played with me I noticed something I have not seen before, Nuttah smiled. The emotion was again overwhelming, it made me cry for her, making me cry as I write and remember it. A little too much for me right now.
I have to let go for now, I think I have stepped off.

And then my email to Bob:
Wow. What do you think I would have seen if I’d woken up and looked at you? You sleeping? I think I fell asleep right around 1, I remember hearing the beginnings of Coast to Coast. You know, now that you mention that, something did happen. There was this weird noise or flutter, right in the vicinity of our pillows, and I looked over to see if Joe was laying still or if he was awake and somehow making this noise, like scratching himself or something. You were still, he was laying there, but he was awake. Alert awake. And there was some very slight noise that made me look around, even look around into the room. I have no recollection at this point what time that was. What other things came out of this excursion? Anything else new? Did you feel like you recognized them too? Wow, this is a new twist. “Witayminen” is the same word as the last time you went. Time for coffee. I need a cup of coffee to dwell on this one. Glad you’re back.

English: you stay with us
Lenape: witaeminèn
I love you, ktaholel

And then Bob’s email back to me:
I know what the words mean, even without the translation, I know. Yes, I knew the puppies, just like I know ours. Both males. Nuttah called them temay, or temme or something like that and something else along with sign language signifying they were mine.

When she saw them playing with me as though they knew me she smiled, as if it confirmed her belief, it is the first time I saw or felt happiness from her. She hugged me and just held on tightly. It is still very overwhelming. I have never felt this removed from here in any of the past lunatic rantings. Really out of it and now I am heading to the paint booth.

The next morning, I looked up the word for “Wolf” on the Talk-Lenape.org site:

English: A wolf, coyote
Lenape: tëme


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