Event #55: Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nothing at all that was noticeable happened since last Sunday. No hearts turned, no animals, ducks still in the last spot she left them. And considering the fact that she is pretty good at “making herself known”, I am guessing then that she has not visited since a week ago. But then when Bob got up this morning, he had a visit outside again with the dogs. He got up before me, and was on the deck again, with the dogs. He said they could “see” her. He didn’t notice anything, but suddenly they seemed to be reacting to something, like a person they knew had just walked up, and they wagged their tails, looking at a fixed spot, and whined as they would if they were greeting someone like our daughter Kate, or someone well-known to them. It was then that Bob knew. And she did not really take him “there” this time, she showed him “then”. He said he stayed where he stood, but she showed him through our new fence the creek and the surroundings the way it was in her time. He clearly had the sense of being in two places at once. I asked a lot of questions about this event, but there did not seem to be much to tell. No new language that he could remember enough to repeat, but he had the sense that the “history lessons” had begun.


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