Event #56: Later Sunday, May 2, 2010

The book "Joe & Me", placed on the floor on the way up to our bedroom

Bob had been fishing in the creek, right behind our house during the day. Rue (his older sister), had stopped over, and we all went down to the creek and had a couple of beers. It was very hot Sunday, so we sat with our feet in the water. Very pleasant. Bob was not so much fishing as he was practicing casting flies. That was his statement about it anyway. I guess that’s what a fisherman says when he’s not catching anything. While Rue and I sat and chatted and drank our beers, Bob cast merrily away. It was actually quite a pleasant way to spend a hot afternoon. Then Rue left and we busied ourselves with the usual stuff of the end of the weekend. Later, Bob went up to bed way ahead of me, but when I came up, coming into the living room below our bedroom, I saw there was a book laying on the floor, right in the pathway to upstairs. I’ve included a picture here.  I immediately noticed that it was one in the collection of Bob’s fishing books; it’s called “Joe and Me”. I didn’t immediately consider this an “event”, as I thought that I’d had this book on display on the shelves nearby standing up, and maybe it had fallen off. I would not have ruled that out as a possibility (even though in retrospect it could not possibly have fallen and landed where it now was), until I rounded the corner where there is a side table that forms a division in the room with 2 couches. It is a corner you must round every time that you come or go into the living room, or to our bedroom. And perched on the outer corner of that table, where if you walked too close to it you might actually knock it off, was another book from the fishing book collection. This one is called “The Art of Angling”. It’s still there this morning, I left that one in place, and I’ve included a picture of that as well. See how it is perched right on the corner edge of the table. It might be hard to discern, as the side-table is about the same wood as the floor, at least in the photo. In reality the floor is a lot lighter.

Book: "The Art of Angling"; perched on the corner edge of a living room side-table

The book title is facing us as we exit the bedroom and go toward the other part of the house.
I picked up “Joe & Me” and put it back on the shelf, simply because it was basically right next to Joe’s litter box. Oh – interesting thought. The book is “Joe & Me”; the cat is “Joe”. Boy, am I slow. But she can’t read our language, can she?? Well, bears a thought, at least. Bob says he has learned that she does “nothing that is without meaning”. There were some other things from the weekend that I still have to write up. Not “events”, but conversations we had about the “events”. We’d gone out to dinner again with Leann, and she wanted to be caught up on all the events since the last time we’d seen her. So we talked about the Lenape, because she had spent some time looking up information about them. One thing that was notable was that most of the direct descendants from the Lenape here, are now on a reservation in Ontario, Canada. The other things we discussed bear writing too, but I have to get ready for work now.


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