Monday, May 3, 2010

The next morning, I had emailed Bob about the appearance of fishing books laying in our pathway on the living room floor:

“I was just writing up the weekend “events”, and something dawned on me that you have probably already thought of. Well, unless you weren’t wearing your glasses. That book that was in our path coming up to the bedroom — the one that was right next to the litter box on the floor: it’s called “JOE & ME“. Any meaning? The other one is the “The Art of Angling“. This probably relates to you casting in the creek yesterday. Did you sense her around? Any events last night? (besides the books?).

And Bob’s response:

“I haven’t given it any thought other than I PUT THEM AWAY when I saw them, so they were put out a second time. No clue on the significance of any of the weekend’s events. I was so uncomfortably hot last night I slept VERY badly. In bad shape today. Not sure I can take this upcoming summer. I am exhausted and we have rain coming in everywhere. I hate summer. I will look at the books tonight to see if there is any meaning that I can pick up, I doubt it.”

Now me, Lois narrating:
Curious that I found the books out when I came over Sunday night, and yet Bob had put them back. They came out a second time…

Tonight, Bob said Joe was very unsettled again, mouthing, yowling, and meowing around the room, being all vocal like he gets lately when he is disturbed. I expected to find something when I got home, but I checked all the usual spots, and nothing. She seems to be expanding her territory though, and it just might be that I don’t notice something out of place. The books were pretty obvious, and I think generally she does things that are obvious. I did find something out of place, but I’ll have to ask Bob if he did it. This one I am not sure of. There is a Beany Baby pig in the kitchen. It’s a tribute to our old dog “Pig” – who died 2 years ago. The pig sits on top of the box of “Pig’s” ashes. And now it’s moved – it is sitting instead on the counter next to the TV. But that might just be one of those random things.


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