Event #57: Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some excerpts from our  emails back and forth this morning:

Bob to me:
Forgot to mention, we had company last night. Not doing anything, she is just there and I noticed the last couple of times she is much happier. Got images of stylized turtle, I assume the clan symbol. But the significant change since the wolf puppy event is I don’t sense the sadness.

Me: What time was that? I’m curious because I think I may have felt it this time. Maybe.

Bob: The first time was around 12:45-1:45 and then again around 3-4.

Me: I didn’t wake up for the 3 -4 part, (well, I woke up when you got up for awhile), but definitely the earlier visit. I think that is why I was having trouble sleeping. It was almost so apparent to me that she might be there, that I was going to wake you up and ask you. I think maybe it was even earlier than 12:45, like midnight, maybe you were asleep then. (you sounded asleep). I was kind of getting images that I couldn’t interpret, felt that heaviness, felt a kind of swirling sensation in my head. I’m not aware of her in the room, I’m just aware of the change of feeling in myself that seems to have no explanation.

Bob: 12:45, I think it was, could have 11:45 too, either way she was there. It is not sadness any longer, that is so great to see that she is happier now. I think maybe you’re getting an awareness but that it is causing a different reaction for you, I don’t know enough to explain it but just like people react differently to different medications and stimuli this could be why you are experiencing it this way. Who knows.


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